Constructor has been in development by System 3 in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original game for some time, but only today are we getting a look at the line-up of undesirable characters it contains.

Due for release at some point soon on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Constuctor will follow up the multi-million selling original title from 20 years ago with a more modern game – one in which you’ll need to make the most of a ‘colourful’ band of characters, setting them out to terrorize rival builders so YOU can be successful.

And it is today which we are getting a little look at this line up, with the following all in place.

  • The Hippy – They hold street parties, squat, or picket an opponent building.
  • Killer Clown – All round dangerous individuals that cause damage all over the place.
  • The Ghost – Scares tenants to within an inch of their lives and sends them packing.
  • Mr Fixit – The repairman you should never hire – he’ll bodge the whole job.
  • The Phsyco – Stay away from him, because he’s just plain crazy!
  • The Thugs – These give Phil Mitchell a run for his money as the nastiest piece of work around.
  • The Thief – Lock up your valuables, because these guys steal everything.
  • The Gangster – Your chosen hitman. Need someone silenced, buildings burned to the ground? He’s your man.

Hit up those trailers below and see what all the fuss is about. We promise that we’ll bring you more as and when we have it – chances are Constructor is just around the corner!

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