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New vehicles arrive in Just Cause 4 at a Soaring Speed via DLC

Just Cause 4 Soaring Speed

Just Cause 4 has only just recently received an influx of new rides and fresh content, courtesy of the Toy Vehicle Pack and the Los Demonios expansion, but now there’s another pack of vehicles to take into consideration for a purchase. The dynamic duo found in the Soaring Speed Vehicle Pack will have you zooming across the land in a blaze of glory and taking to the skies when necessary. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

This latest DLC for Just Cause 4 aims to enhance your experience for the relatively minor cost of £3.99 and it’s available to buy immediately from the Xbox Store – for other platforms, please check your own digital store. For the miniscule price, the Just Cause 4 Soaring Speed Vehicle Pack grants access to the Hot Rod and the Flying Car.

In the vintage Hot Rod you’ll be able put pedal to the metal to reach high speeds, leaving actual blazing trails in your wake. The Flying Car on the other hand has fully retractable wings, ensuring that it’s ready for action on the ground or in the air, depending on your desires. That’s two rather unique vehicles for under a fiver, however, whether it’s worth it or not is ultimately your decision to make.

If you do end up grabbing them though, get in touch via the comments section below and let us know. Failing that, reach out on social media and even send us a screenshot of you making the most of these new cars!

DLC Description:

Enhance your Just Cause 4 gameplay experience with the Soaring Speed Vehicle pack which includes 2 unique vehicles: Flying Car (Prisa Avispa C): This enhanced vehicle can take to the skies and roads of Solís effortlesly. This car boats a sleek design and fully retractible wings Hot Rod (Coyle Rattler): Hit the road at high speed and look good doing it! Leave blazing trails behind you in this vintage design Hot Rod

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