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Always wanted to mix card-based combat, tactical board battles and unique deck-building in one? Nowhere Prophet will be doing all that as it brings an Indian-infused card game to Steam and console.

Coming about via a collaboration between the publishing arm of No More Robots and the development team at Sharkbomb Studios, Nowhere Prophet will launch on Steam in the summer of 2019, with a console release then following that early in 2020.

Nowhere Prophet is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic tale of hope, set many years after “The Crash”, a complete technological collapse that plunged the planet of Soma into darkness. Where only the strong and ruthless prevail, now there is finally a light in the darkness. A falling star tells of a blessed, untouched land on the edges of this fallen world. Now you are the Nowhere Prophet, and you must lead your convoy to peace.

Before that can happen though you will need to fulfil this promise to your people, guiding them across treacherous deserts, populated by rogue gangs, disturbing creatures and mad machines who are eager to put you into early retirement.

The premise is certainly an appealing one and in the gameplay stakes Nowhere Prophet matches it. Fusing card-based combat, a tactical battle board, and a unique deck-building system that humanizes your followers, you’ll find that your cards aren’t just your hand — they are your convoy, and as you recruit new followers (or lose people to the wilderness), your deck will constantly evolve with the action.

This means that you’ll need to tactically drag your followers onto the battle board, and use Leader Cards to utilize your unique skills, swaying the fight in your favour at all times. It’s not jsut all about the fighting though and outside of the combat situations you’ll be found making story-based decisions that will greatly affect your journey, filling your disciples with hope, and draining the last bit of life from their tired bodies.

Procedurally generated maps will ensure that you are given a new journey each time you play, while 10 different convoys and four Prophet classes will dictate and change how you play. Throw in more than 300 cards to discover and it’s easy to understand how Nowhere Prophet will become infinitely playable.

Nowhere Prophet will launch on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux this summer and the console release is then schdeuled for 2020. If you’re up for taking a look at Nowhere Prophet on the former, then you can sign up to the closed beta right now – – will see you right. It is due to run next month.

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