Are you up for defeating an evil army in a brand new pixel-art Metroidvania? Omega Strike is coming and today that all important release date has been made known!

Coming from indie publishing kings Digerati and the development team at Woblyware, Omega Strike is a new action packed 2D platformer set for Xbox One and PS4, and it’ll be arriving on 15th June on Xbox One, with a PS4 release a few days earlier on 12th/13th June (NA/EU). What’s more, should you like the look of the trailer below and reckon Omega Strike is a must buy, you can get in on an Xbox One pre-order with a 40% launch discount from the 5th June.

But what is it? Well, since rocking up on Steam, it’s a game that has been praised for fluid gameplay, gorgeous pixels and a retro soundtrack. But the real draw will no doubt be in the huge open ended Metroidvania world in which you get to play as multiple characters.

You will need to save the world from the evil Doctor Omega as his mutant armies march towards world domination. Expect to find deadly enemies in your way, new abilities to learn and a world that is full of exploration opportunities and hidden treasure.

Features include:

  • Explore a vast interconnected world with seven unique areas
  • Three playable heroes who each have their own special abilities
  • Swap your heroes at any time to take advantage of their skills
  • Search for hidden treasures and purchase weapon upgrades
  • 12 bosses and over 45 different types of enemy
  • Soundtrack by Ken Snyder (aka Coda) of Scarlet Moon Productions

Make sure you hit up that trailer below and then keep an eye out for Omega Strike when it releases in a few weeks time.

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