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One Last Breath is your one last hope

One Last Breath keyart
One Last Breath is on Xbox, Switch, PC

There’s no doubt that One Last Breath on Xbox will muster up some old-school Limbo and Inside memories, not just visually, but in terms of the story too. We think that’s enough reason to give this one an immediate shot. 

One last hope

Available right now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One is One Last Breath. It arrives on the Xbox Store via the trio of Maniac Panda, Moonatic Studios and Catness Game Studios to deliver gamers a tale of despair and hope. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you’ll be found following the life and times of Gaia. 

Having been created from nature’s last breath, Gaia comes with some unique abilities and skills – most notably that of being able to control the environment around. It’s here where new paths can be created, as trunks, vines and more are utilised. And only by making the most of those powers will you be able to help Gaia work through the puzzles required in order to save the world. 

Priced at £14.99, One Last Breath is visually gorgeous. In fact, it is very similar in terms of aesthetics to the greats of the genre; the Limbos and Insides of this world. That alone should be enough to deliver a sale. It’s enough for us and we’ll be looking to provide some One Last Breath review thoughts soon. 

Key features

The key features are deep with One Last Breath, running as follows…

  • NATURE’S POWER – The gameplay revolves around using Gaia’s ability to alter the environment. As the reencarnation of nature, she can summon roots to create paths or create vines to get over gaps. Each puzzle demands using both your imagination and Gaia’s power.
  • ENIGMATIC STORY – Nobody knows precisely what happened to humanity. It is manifest that decades of mistreating our planet are part of the problem, but there must be something else. If not, how can you explain that there are human-made machines still working?
  • SAD BEAUTY – This game’s setting is a withering but beautiful world. During her adventure, Gaia will find both despair and hope in the form of creepy creatures and defenceless animals. We made this world to be as brutal as charming.
  • REAL WORLD COMMITMENT – One Last Breath tries to raise awareness about pollution. However, Moonatic Studios has gone even further and has taken action to protect nature in real-life. For example, planting a tree for each wishlist the game got on Steam during June’s Next Fest.

Buy now!

You can buy One Last Breath from the Xbox Store right now. It’s playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, fully optimised for Series X|S. That £14.99 price is pretty tempting, no?

You’ll also find One Last Breath on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch

One Last Breath Description

One Last Breath tells a story about despair but also about hope. Even if the post-apocalyptic world of this 2.5D adventure is withered, Gaia’s powers might be enough to restore life. That won’t be easy, though. Lots of fearsome mutants will hunt her mercilessly.

Born from mother nature’s very last breath, Gaia has the ability to control the environment. Create paths using trunks, summon vines to hang between gaps, and solve puzzles using your powers to save our planet.

Humanity doesn’t exist anymore. Decades of pollution and greed have driven it to absolute extinction. However, its echo still can be heard. Along her journey, Gaia will visit abandoned factories filled with hazardous, human-made obstacles. How are they still working?

Gaia’s adventure is all about balance. She will find both brutality and tenderness while trying to survive strange creatures and protect the defenceless ones. Only our world can be as ruthless as charming.

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