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It was a good six months ago that we were able to tell you that ORBIT would be making it’s way to Xbox One and PC. Well, now we have a release date to share with you…and you won’t be waiting very long at all!

ORBIT! the dubstep-infused brawler from 4bit Games will be arriving on both Xbox One and PC come Sept 30th 2015. The price is seemingly spot on too, with nothing more than 6,99€ / $6.99 / £4.99 required for you to get behind your ship!

Taking fierce local multiplayer to a whole new level of franticness, you’ll need to maneuver your ship between planets at breakneck speeds, taking gravity into account as you crush your rivals with an epic spaceship arsenal in an awesome twin-stick space brawler. Use teleportation, rockets and several other weapons and special abilities to defeat the enemy, all whilst upgrading your spaceship as the madness intensifies.

“We wouldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for the great Norwegian Indie scene. They took us in with their arms wide open, and gave us the support we needed and guidance to make ORBIT great. The years working on ORBIT have been the best of my life and we are enormously proud of the upcoming release for PC and Xbox One” said Erling Hoff Martiniussen, ORBIT’s Game Designer. “Yet, the ultimate reason for making ORBIT was to have something to enjoy with our beers and pizza on a Saturday night. Mission accomplished.” he stated.

Offering nine game modes and randomly generated scenarios, ORBIT is ready to trap players in a vortex of gravity, betrayal and friendships suddenly torn into tiny pieces. Duke it out in a big selection of game modes like Capture or the self-explanatory Destroy mode. And if you are up for a challenge, the “Survive” mode barrages you with epic amounts of asteroids as you try to best your foes.

Features include:

  • Crazy local multiplayer for 2-4 players couch-powered madness
  • 9 game modes: Capture, Kill, Survive, Mayhem and MORE!
  • Randomly generated maps for a fresh experience every game
  • Design and create your own modes and battles with Forge
  • Level-up system with spaceship upgrades and paths for total customization
  • Super hot particle infused graphics
  • Thrilling dubstep soundtrack by Wierz
  • Bare-knuckled orbital amusement

So prepare yourself for ORBIT! We will of course be letting you know as soon as it appears on the Xbox One Games Store.

The trailer below is the original announcement from earlier in the year.

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