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Whenever Ratalaika Games are involved in a game release, you can be sure that it will be cheap, it’ll be full of easy achievements and Gamerscore, and it will be a little bit strange. That’s C14 Dating in a nutshell, although admittedly it’s not as cheap as we’re used to. 

Priced from £19.99 (which in itself is huge for a Ratalaika release), C14 Dating on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintedo Switch will see you joining the life of Melissa Flores, a 3rd year anthropology student who is found taking part in a summer archaeological internship in Belgium. Some 5000 miles from home, Melissa quickly gets bored of the excavating and digging, instead focusing on finding some friends, and possibly a little bit of romance…

An otome dating sim, C14 Dating will appeal to anyone looking for some gameplay which focuses on archaeology, friendships and love, but it should also fill a space for anyone after a quick Gamerscore hit and achievement lift. You know, because that is what Ratalaika are most well known for. 

The game seems alright too though and whilst our full review of C14 Dating on Xbox will be along in the days ahead, with features including some lovely manga artwork, a unique cast in which you can date many folk, and some fun minigames, getting a download in could see you on to a winner. 

Features include:

  • Play as Melissa, anthropology student abroad on a summer internship
  • Romance Deandre, Hendrik, Kyler and Shoji
  • Dating sim gameplay with optional archaeological minigames
  • Beautiful manga artwork and original soundtrack
  • Secret yuri romance option
  • A different cast with some very unique characters!

Native to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with cross-buy options enabling it to be played on PS5 and Smart Delivery sorting out Xbox Series X|S players (even though it is X|S Optimised), if you’re looking to join Melissa then a download can be picked up from the usual stores – we’ll point you to the Xbox Store because, well, we’ve got that Xbox focus. 

Let us know if you give C14 Dating a shot. The comments are below. 

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