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Life can be quite mundane as a theme park technician, that is of course until a load of robots go haywire and need your trusty skill-set in order to be repaired. And that’s the case in the latest offering from Ratalaika Games on Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch, Mekabolt!

Prepare to use a handy tool, known as the Mekabolt, to manipulate the robots that are out of control to aid in overcoming a whopping amount of intricate and puzzling platforming levels – 100 to be exact. Taking on the role of the aforementioned theme park technician, you’ll be able to deactivate these robots, before using them as platforms, riding them to reach new heights, and to burn stuff. The aim is to grab the batteries at the end of each stage and then you can repair the robots to save the day.

It seems like Mekabolt has something different to add to the platformer genre with its gameplay revolving around robot manipulation. Should you wish to check it out, then the Xbox Store is the place to visit, where it’s available to purchase at a rather low price point of £4.99. You can also find the game available on PS4 and PS Vita, whilst a Nintendo Switch and Steam launch will occur come 23rd August.

If you do pick Mekabolt up, let us know your thoughts about it and whether you believe it’s worth the price tag, or not.

Game Description:

Players take the role of a theme park technician that needs to collect batteries to repair the haywire robots. With your handy Mekabolt, use the out of control robots to your advantage to overcome obstacles and obtain the batteries across 100 puzzle platforming challenges. Shoot your trusty Mekabolt to deactivate the robots, use them as platforms, ride them to new heights, and burn pesky underbrush to reach the battery at the end of the stage. The robots can be manipulated to help you reach your goal. Watch out for dangerous traps, waiting to impede your progress. Only you can save the day! Features: * 100 levels of intricate puzzle platforming challenges * Colourful 2D art * Unique robot manipulation gameplay


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