Remember the fantastic off-road title from a couple of years ago, MudRunner? Well, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have today revealed at gamescom that SnowRunner is the follow-up to it and there’s an actual gameplay trailer for our viewing pleasure. It’s about to get rather chilly as you brave new maps, take on fresh challenges and master the snowy terrain.

SnowRunner looks set to put you behind the wheel of a huge roster of customizable heavy-duty vehicles, including the likes of Pacific, Navistar and other manufacturers, in some of the world’s most untamed, unforgiving environments you’ll ever experience. There are more than 15 new sandbox maps for you to explore, with some of them coming in at a size that’s up to four times larger than those in the original MudRunner.

You’ll need to master the extreme hazards present in SnowRunner like snowdrifts, ice, rivers and mud — each of which pose their own unique challenges — in order to get your cargo safely to its destination as fast as possible. It’s possible to take on the elements alone or with friends online in the fully-synchronous four-player co-op multiplayer. How much fun does that sound alongside a few mates?

SnowRunner is hoping to be the ultimate off-road experience, made bigger and better than its predecessor with stunning visuals and advanced simulation physics. It’s currently expected to launch in 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through the Epic Games store.

And if you’ve no idea what to expect of this series, we’d recommend downloading and playing MudRunner via the Xbox Game Pass library. Watching the new trailer for the sequel SnowRunner may be pretty useful too…


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