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Revival Productions originally expected Overload to blast onto Xbox One at the latter end of last year, but now we’ve got a concrete release date of 6th March. That means it won’t be long until you can finally experience what’s being billed as the ultimate zero-G shooter.

Overload is the spiritual successor to the classic tunnel shooter Descent, a game known for the six-degree-of-freedom aspect. The creators behind Overload are taking it the FPS genre to the next level by giving players three axes of rotation and three axes of movement, unlike the traditional offerings. You’ll no doubt find it completely fresh and challenging, with such complexity and depth provided in battle when attacked from all sides as well as threats from above and below. It sounds like a really chaotic hardcore shooter, doesn’t it?

Well, this breathtaking game will be full of labyrinth type environments with tight zones for combat and plenty of exploration to be had throughout the 15 level single-player campaign – not counting the secret ones. Trying to stop you from progressing are a variety of terrifying robot enemies, including Super-Robots and some uniquely clever bosses. The powerful weapons, each with unique characteristics, will see that you’re in for some truly high-octane action. And when you factor in the replayable Challenge Mode and online multiplayer modes, Overload is sure to get that pulse pounding one way or another.

Overload is already available on PC (via Steam and GoG) and PlayStation 4, but Xbox One players can join in with the hardcore shooter on 6th March. There will also be cross-platform play support between those on PC and Xbox One, helping bring gamers together.

Will you be getting to grips with this complex shooter when it releases? Get in touch via the comments section below or on our social media channels!

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