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As 2019 kicked into play, Bandai Namco went big with the release of ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN, giving would-be pilots the chance to express themselves as they tore through the skies. Now though the whole ACE COMBAT 7 experience is moving up a gear, with a variety of DLC packs bringing new planes and weapons to the game – the first is available now and focuses on the ADF-11F Raven. Accompanying that though is a nifty bit of free DLC too.

Available to purchase and add into your game right this very second is the ADF-11F Raven set – the very first add-on for ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN. Available as an individual purchase or as part of the Season Pass, this sees the ADF-11F swoop into view, with the ‘Raven’ equipped with an F-type flight unit that has ultimately been designed for combat.

With a special weapon – the UAV – attached, the Raven can switch between the TLS, QAAM and UAV depending on what the situation calls for, whilst the included aircraft skin this time around is the F-22A Raptor Mobius Skin. Further still you can expect to see access to 5 emblems – the Phoenix, Mobius, Mobius (Low Vis), Garuda and Gryphus.

If ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN on Xbox One, PS4 or PC is your cup of tea then the £3.99 price attached to the ADF-11F Raven Set is hugely tempting.

Further to that though we also see a little hit of free content available too, in the form of the Bonus Emblem Set. This is a no-brainer – after all, it’s free – and containing the “Free Erusea -Bonus-“, “Three Arrowheads -Bonus-“, and “Three Arrowheads (Low-Vis) -Bonus-” emblems.

If you wish to see either of these DLC packs added to your game than the Xbox Store will sort out Xbox One owners. Just hit the links above and be whisked into a world of the unknown. PS4 and PC players also have access – just visit the usual digital stores.

Should you wish to know more about ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN then make sure you check out our full review. It’s well worth a read.

Make sure you also keep your eyes peeled for further AC7 DLC soon too. The ADF-01 FALKEN Set is coming on June 26th 2019, whilst the ADFX-01 Morgan Set will follow up on July 31st.

DLC Description:

The 1st add-on included in the season pass. This set includes the following: Obtainable Aircraft: ADF-11F Raven A manned version of the large fighter developed in Erusea. Its ADF-11 nose unit is uniquely equipped with an F-type flight unit designed for combat. Its nickname is “Raven.” This set also includes 7 skins, including the all-new “Metallic Red Skin”, and the new special weapon “UAV”. The ADF-11F Raven can choose between TLS, QAAM, and UAV for its special weapon. 1 Aircraft Skin: •F-22A Raptor Mobius Skin 5 Emblems: •Phoenix The mark of “Scarface 1,” a mercenary squadron affiliated with Unified Command. •Mobius / Mobius (Low-Vis) The emblem of the 118th Tactical Fighter Wing “Mobius.” Feared by the Erusean forces, it was known as “The Grim Reaper” and “The Ribbon Fighter.” •Garuda The emblem of the Emmerian Air Force 8th Air Division 28th Fighter Squadron “Garuda.” •Gryphus Emblem of the Aurelian Air Force Tactical Fighter Squadron “Gryphus.”


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