It arrives as a tribute to one of the most iconic motorbike manufacturers of all time, but all we really care about is that we get the chance to hop aboard a number of new bikes, thrashing them to hell and back. Yep, the Ducati bike pack for Ride 2 is here!

Available to download from the Xbox Games Store, the Ride 2 Ducati Bikes Pack will set you back just £4.79. For that kind of money you can expect to be treated to six models from one of the best known bike marques in the world…all of which bring something slightly different to the track.

The bikes included are…

  • 1199 Panigale Superleggera 2014
  • 851 SP2 1990The Ducati 851 SP2
  • Monster 696 2014
  • Sport 1000 Paul Smart 2006
  • 748 1998
  • 1098R 2008

Something for a blast round the track at the weekend perhaps?!?

DLC Description:

“A tribute to the history of Ducati! 6 models, from nakeds to sports, for a wholly Italian DLC!1199 Panigale Superleggera 2014With only 500 units on the market, Ducati managed to combine minimal weight and maximum performance in a single bike!851 SP2 1990The Ducati 851 SP2, released in 1990 as Raymond Roche was dominating the world Superbike Championship, has 116 hp at 10,500 rpm!Monster 696 2014Presented in 1994, the first Monster quickly became the best-selling Ducati bike in the world.Sport 1000 Paul Smart 2006Produced in a limited edition, the Ducati 750 was driven to victory by Paul Smart in 1972.748 1998Related to the development of the 916, the legendary 748 is a sports bike that is always in fashion!1098R 2008Inspired by the historic 916, 996 and 998 designed by Massimo Tamburini, the 1098R takes from them its characteristic design and sports derivation.Buy the Ducati Bikes Pack DLC and speed off with your Ducati!”


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