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PDP and VICTRIX launch the world’s fastest Xbox controller and Gambit Wireless Headset


vitrix gambit controller and headset

We’ve been using PDP products for years, but this is the first time a Victrix branded product has come to our attention. An engineering and design company owned by PDP and based out of San Diego, the big V look to provide gamers with products that can give them a competitive edge. And that means launching the world’s fastest Xbox controller alongside a rather tasty looking wireless headset.

Thanks to PDP and Victrix we’ve been able to see how these products work in person, and honestly, there is a case here for putting them up in and amongst the finest Xbox related accessories of the year as they drop the Victrix Gambit controller and Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset.

It’s the controller which will no doubt draw the crowds as this is being marketed as the world’s fastest Xbox controller. When you consider that your console pings your controller every 4m/seconds or so, there is always the chance your input could just be missed. When you’re in competition, and every press counts, that could be the crucial difference between success and utter failure.

Using Dual Core technology, the Gambit Controller is the world’s fastest controller on Xbox, delivering the fastest thumbsticks, triggers, and button responses on the market. You see, while one core handles the ultra-fast input processing, the other runs the controller’s audio; audio which includes built-in Dolby Atmos which ensures players gain optimal spatial awareness for a competitive edge. The controller also features adjustable trigger stops with a clutch, 14 included swappable components, the ability to customize settings in the Victrix app, and a carrying case. It looks brilliant too, in a white and purple design, with interchangable faceplates. Oh, and it weighs and costs considerably less than the Xbox Elite controller that it is obviously going up against too.

Alongside that is the new Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset – a headset which has also been designed to give gamers a competitive edge. This uses much of the same acoustic design, lightweight components, and comfortable materials as the well-regarded Victrix Pro AF Headset and the Gambit can be used wirelessly up to a range of 40 feet, or wired with an included 3.5mm cable that features in-line controls. The headset also comes with a lifetime subscription to Dolby Atmos on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC, whilst the PlayStation 5 version makes the most of 3D Audio for ultimate immersion. The Victrix Gambit headset is also the first officially licensed wireless headset designed for PlayStation 5.

“The Victrix brand is dedicated to giving fans a competitive edge. Our in-house engineering team works side-by-side with esports professionals to create products that gamers will love and want to use competitively, since they know they’re getting the best hardware on the market,” said Navin Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer of PDP. “We integrated technology from the Victrix Pro line of products into the new Gambit line for premium performance and design that everyday gamers, and professionals, can enjoy at more approachable price points.”

So, you want to know where you can buy these from eh? Well, the Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller and Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset are available from today at VictrixPro.com. You’ll also find them at select gaming retailers. They come very well priced too, with MSRPs of £89.99 and £119.99 respectively.

We’ll be sure to get your some hands-on thoughts and full reviews of the Victrix Gambit controller and headset as soon as we can. Let us know what you think of these products by dropping into the comments. Surely the world’s fastest Xbox controller deserves some serious hype?

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