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In 2004, Peppa Pig burst onto the scene, providing preschool kids the much needed break from their parents and carers; a break that they deserved. In the years since, the show, the franchise and the brand as a whole has continued to hit the highest of heights, with the TV show being accompanied by not just the odd video game experience, but the real-world Peppa Pig World for good measure. Now though, with Outright Games (they previously having covered PAW PAtrol) behind it, it’s time for My Friend Peppa Pig to prove once and for all that this little star deserves the virtual limelight too. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC, My Friend Peppa Pig will be able to take the youngest fans of Peppa off on a fun-filled adventure, one in which the fast iconic characters will all play significant parts. 

It’s priced at £34.99 so My Friend Peppa Pig is certainly no cheap throwaway option to have – especially when the target audience will probably be just as happy watching the show on repeat – but it does promise much. 
Selling itself as just like being ‘in the TV show’, My Friend Peppa Pig will let you create your very own character, will let you dress them up, and will let you take them off on a journey. You see, old Daddy Pig has lost his glasses (AGAIN!) and it’ll be up to you and to Peppa to help him find them. 

Passing through a variety of locales, including the beach, the museum and Potato City, My Friend Peppa will let you jump in muddy puddles and meet and greet anyone and everyone who cares for a chat – we’re going to be fuming if Suzy Sheep, Miss Rabbit or Danny Dog don’t rock up for at least five minutes.

It promises to be the best Peppa Pig game yet and we’ll be sure to let you know how this plays out in our full review of the game on Xbox – and yep, after spending more hours than we care to remember with Peppa squeeking out of our TV, we know the target audience very well indeed. 

The key features you’re looking for, to ensure that My Friend Peppa Pig is a suitable game for your young ‘uns are as follows…

  • • PARENTAL CONTROL – Easily set a time limit in Settings. Peppa ends the game when playtime is over.
  • • BUILD YOUR CHARACTER – Choose and dress your avatar
  • • PLAY WITH PEPPA – Learn and adventure with your new friend
  • • EXPLORE HER WORLD – Visit the beach , the Forest, Potato City and beyond
  • • MAKE FRIENDS – Your favorite Peppa Pig characters want to meet you
  • • GET CREATIVE – Young players star in their own unique story

You can find My Friend Peppa Pig present on all the usual digital stores – the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players is here. It’s also playable on PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch and PC. 


Game Description:

Have a fun-filled adventure by becoming Peppa Pig’s new friend! Create and dress your character, ring Peppa’s doorbell, and begin a story that’s all up to you Peppa suggests activities everywhere you go – help Daddy Pig find his glasses, follow the animal tracks in the Forest, splash in muddy puddles, and much more! It’s just like being in an episode of the TV show, where all your favorite characters are excited to meet you. From the Beach to the Museum and even Potato City, every playtime is a new experience with your friend Peppa Pig.

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