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Not a week goes by without a Ratalaika Games release it seems like anymore. And with the greatest of respect, many of them are achievement fodder of retro looking games at best. Sometimes though, Ratalaika manage to get hold of a lesser know classic title for re-release. This is one of those games, and it sounds pretty good to boot. Avenging Spirit is out today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Originally released for arcades and the Nintendo Game Boy in the early ‘90s, Avenging Spirit has you playing as a ghost. How did you become a ghost I hear you ask? Well, in trying to protect your girlfriend from a targeted attack you are shot and killed. You then come back as a spirit in order to rescue and save her from this criminal organisation.

But this ghoul has another trick up his sleeve. He can possess the enemies trying to stop him and use their powers for his benefit. That means you can become mafioso types, ninjas, brawlers and even bipedal dragons in this classic 2D platformer.

Avenging Spirit also features:

  • Legacy arcade title from the 1990s
  • Platform action gameplay
  • Choose from 4 characters
  • Supernatural storyline

Avenging Spirit can also be played in local co-op mode for double the possession fun!

Available to download now from the Xbox Store, Avenging Spirit will cost £5.99. As usual with Ratalaika, there is an introductory discount reducing the price down to £4.79 for a limited time. Our review will have details on the best enemies to possess so stick around for that coming very soon.

Game description

During a romantic walk with his girlfriend, the main character is attacked by enemy agents who kidnap his love and then murder him. As a spirit, the player must save the girlfriend from a mysterious crime syndicate, so he can finally rest in peace. Possess one of four characters with unique abilities at the start of the game. You can attack (or possess) enemies, collect power-ups, and defeat bosses to advance.

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