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Immediately dark, immediately worrying, the mysterious Children of Silentown has today been detailed and dated for PC and console. 

Coming from Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games and Luna2 Studio, Children of Silentown is a new dark point-and-click adventure, very much following the life of Lucy, a young girl who is found growing up in a monster-populated forest. It’s here where Lucy spends most of her day, playing with friends, helping her mother. But as dusk falls, the terrible nightmares begin. 

In Children of Silentown you’ll fast become aware that terrible danger awaits, stepping out into the darkness of night should be something never to happen. But as a tragedy hits home, heading out into that forest is something Lucy must do. Fears must be faced. 

Playing as a point-and-click adventure, one that comes with a beautifully eerie art style and atmospheric sounds, Children of Silentown will task you with helping Lucy confront her problems, hunting down notes, collecting items, working both to solve puzzles and minigames. 

It all sounds super appealing, highly intriguing as it unfolds. That is amplified by the promise that we can shape Lucy’s tale, as it heads down multiple endings. 

There’s a prologue for Children of Silentown over on Steam, letting you take in what it has should you be PC capable. Give that a shot as you hold out for release of the full game on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC come January 11th 2023. With Daedalic Entertainment behind it – those previously behind the release of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout and Wildcat Gun Machine – hopes are extremely high.

And if you can’t handle the prologue, make sure you watch the release date trailer below. Once you have, get down into the comments or hit us up on the usual social channels and let us know what you make of this one.

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