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Want to earn the right to get involved in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege closed beta? You’ll need to master the Art of Siege first!

An intense online training platform, the Art of Siege will give you the chance to earn your place on the upcoming Xbox One, PS4 and PC closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege.


The first ever community facility which allows you to learn, master and discuss strategies and the tactics required to succeed is now online. Requiring years of training the siege technique allows you to decide when and where to action the right strategies and tactics. With Art of Siege, players will enter Field Training, an intense Rainbow Six training program allowing them to get familiar with the different gambits, strategies and Operator specialties. Only those able to earn the total gold stars in the five Field Training Exercises will obtain a key to the closed beta.

You can start your Art of Siege training right now over at www.rainbow6.com/artofsiege

Rainbow Six Siege will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come December 1st.

Ensure you are prepared!

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