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prif reveal a number of new and exciting videogame accessories for Xbox One, PS4 and more!



Preferential Accessories, or prif to their friends, are the latest kids on the 3rd party videogame accessories block, and they’ve got a fair few products coming to market real soon!

Consisting of a team who are experienced videogame accessory veterans, prif are targeting those gamers who much prefer function over form. That’s not to say the products from prif will look tardy – far from it – but if you are in the market for a new accessory for your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or any other console or PC, then prif will have something for you…and you can be sure it’ll work as intended!

From the humble thumbstick, through the intricacies of the gaming headset world and on to the even more complex gaming chair, prif look to have something for everyone when their new product range launches from August 2015.

Obviously we wouldn’t be doing our job correctly if we didn’t focus fully on the Xbox side of things, but check out the products below as even those who choose to game on a rival format should be more than interested. Xbox gamers should be more than interested in the whole range of headsets, including the Playsonic 4 Amplified Headset & Mixer, the Helix 1 Charging Station, the Speedster gaming chairs and the stunning looking Soundcube.

Prices shown are SRP.

Freedom 1 Wireless Headset – PS3, PS4, PC – £29.99

Owners of new generation hardware deserve chat performance that matches their gaming experience. Whilst other manufacturers use out-dated old gen firmware solutions with mediocre results, Prif is proud to present a unique RF wireless product that is significantly better in terms of audio quality, has a better range of features, offers superior styling and comfort and has the re-assurance of a Sony license. The Freedom 1 offers CD quality voice chat with excellent volume without compression or distortion. Welcome to the future….

Playsonic Alpha Wired Headset – Xbox One, PS4, PC, Handhelds – £19.99

With the arrival of high end TVs with ever-improving sound, many gamers opt for an over-ear chat headset to allow them to enjoy the sound from their TV or surround sound kit, whilst having the comfort of a full size padded earcup for game chat. This type of headset is also ideal for LAN environments where several people are gaming in the same room as well as online. Prif’s solution focuses on the quality of the microphone and the comfort of the ear cup and headband.

PlaySonic Alpha Headset

Playsonic 1 Headset – Xbox One, PS4, DS, PS Vita, Mobile – £19.99

The PlaySonic 1 delivers stylish good looks and excellent sound quality for gamers who want a headset for the home and who regularly use mobile devices for gaming. It is lightweight, compact and has rotating earcups for easy storage whilst a microphone and mute button are on a sleek and slim-line control box on an anti-twist flat cable. With metal finishes and a robust sliding mechanism, this headset represents excellent value for money and can be used by the whole family, whatever their audio needs. Ideal for gaming, listening to music or streamed content and skype calls, the PlaySonic 1 is the perfect entry level set of headphones.

Playsonic 2 Wired Headset – Xbox One, PS4, DS, PS Vita, PC, Mobile – £29.99

A large number of gamers seek a headset that can be used on their home console but also on mobile devices in the home or outside. The PlaySonic 2 provides this flexibility with it’s 3.5mm jack connection. Providing excellent stereo sound quality and a uni-directional mic this headset delivers great performance for chat but also game or other media sound. 

Playsonic 3 Amplified Headset – Xbox One, PS4, DS, PS Vita, PC, Mobile – £39.99

The new generation of games will demand outstanding sonic performance and this is best delivered to the user by an amplified gaming headset. The PlaySonic 3 adds depth and punch to the bass whilst ensuring the treble sounds crisp and clear. Combined with a microphone that uses noise exclusion technology, this headset is the perfect audio partner for the gaming enthusiast. Providing features and detailing seen on much more expensive headsets, the PlaySonic 3 is a must-have purchase product for those people trying to squeeze the last decibel from their new gen gaming experience.

Playsonic 4 Amplified Headset & Mixer – Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC, Mac – £59.99

Many gamers like the value offered by multi-format headsets – one set of bins for every console they own. However users are often frustrated by the differing sonic performance that the headset delivers on different machines and the sheer clutter of cables required. The PlaySonic 4 with its sound mixer eliminates these problems by allowing the user to choose their sound input, feed it into the mixer, adjust game chat and audio and then feed the result through one simple 3.5mm cable up to the headset. The result – customised, amplified sound for all your major gaming devices. Previously these options were only available on expensive headsets, but Prif have brought customised sound to all gaming enthusiasts. 

PlaySonic 4 Headset

Crescendo 1 Amplifier – PS4 – £19.99

For those gamers using older headsets or who felt amplified headsets were out of reach, PrifTM have developed the Crescendo 1. Via simple controls and with it’s own contoured battery pack, the gamer has the chance to increase or reduce game and chat sound as well as mute chat without taking their hands off the controller – a vital feature during those frenzied firefights.

Helix 1 Illuminated Charging Station – Xbox One, PS4 – £14.99

Illumination is a key feature for an increasing number of gamers. The Helix 1 brings lighting to the charger market. Capable of charging 2 controllers simultaneously, the Helix 1 also offers Drop n Charge for a fuss-free battery boost. Prif provide two small adaptors that fit the micro USB port of the Xbox One controller with contacts that allow you to simply place the controllers on the charge points rather than potentially damage your controller port or the connector on a standard charging solution.

prif helix 1 xbox charger

Powerpak 1 – PS4 – £14.99

Bulky, heavy and unsightly charging power packs are a thing of the past as Prif introduces an innovative charging solution for PS4 controllers. Contoured to match the lines of the underside of the PS4 official controller this power bank has the same finishes as that pad. With a 1200mA battery this power pack provides over 20 hours of gameplay and yet charges in only 2.5 hours. It’s sleek design and low weight means it does not interfere the gamers hands whilst playing nor upset the balance of the controller. Can be used in conjunction with Prif’s Crescendo amplifier or as a stand-alone charger.

Speedster 1 – Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC – £129.99

Prif has applied its leading edge RF wireless technology (used in the Freedom 1 headset) and introduced it to the gaming chair market. By using a factory specialising in furniture design, the focus on comfort is paramount. Utilising important features from the office chair market (lumbar support, headrests, quality stitched finishes and a gas lift), the chair combines lag free stereo sound for a quality gaming experience.

Speedster 1

Speedster Junior – Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC – £89.99

The gaming chair market is driven by gifting, primarily by parents for children aged 7-18. Prif has developed a chair product aimed at the younger end of the market where traditionally users have to put up with bean bags – notorious for their inability to deliver good sound. By using a factory specialising in furniture design, the focus on comfort for the younger gamer is paramount. Utilising important features from the office chair market (headrests,  duality stitched finishes and a gas lift), the chair combines lag free stereo sound for a quality gaming experience.

Soundcube – Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC – £129.99

The gaming chair market is driven by gifting, primarily by parents for children aged 7-18. Prif has developed this innovative cube for the younger gaming audience that combines good looks with wireless sound – RF technology for gaming and a Bluetooth receiver for music. Whilst the user will love the sound and vibration provided by the in-built sub-woofer, the parents will appreciate the storage space for consoles, accessories and games inside the hinged lid of the stool.


There will also be Xbox One Cable Kits (HDMI and Play and Charge) – £6.99, Controller Kits (Silicone cover + 4 x thumbsticks) – £6.99 and Twin battery packs with charge cables for both Xbox One (£14.99) and Xbox 360 (£12.99) available.

prif aim to have all the above to market in 2015 and we will of course let you know when you can get your hands on them. They’ll be showing at both Gamescom and EGX this year, but if you can’t make it to either of those, then you can follow their journey over at www.prif.co.uk, on twitter at @priftech or by giving them a like on Facebook.

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[…] prif reveal a number of new and exciting videogame accessories for Xbox One, PS4 and more! […]

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