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Protodroid DeLTA brings the solarpunk genre to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Protodroid delta keyart
Protodroid DeLTA is here

I’ll be honest – the solarpunk genre of art isn’t something I had encountered prior to learning of Protodroid DeLTA. But a genre where a cyberpunk world meets a sustainable, natural world? Sounds fun!

Releasing on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, Protodroid DeLTA is a frantic 3D action-platformer that will have you jumping, shooting and dashing through neon-soaked levels. Why? Well, in order to take down the evil Vyper Masters.

You will be playing as the hyper-intelligent humanoid known as DeLTA, invented by the mad Dr. Shelton to show the world that AI isn’t all bad. DeLTA is an AI that can do more than put together a sub-standard school essay, and instead has immense dexterity to shoot across the world; that is very convenient for a 3D platformer!

DeLTA can be upgraded throughout the game, with the unlocking of new abilities and power-ups, and the choice is yours as to which of the powerful Vyper Masters that you tackle first, each with their own stage to conquer. All the while, the solarpunk art style of Protodroid DeLTA will be pushing your screen to the limit, with colours popping brighter than ever.

One will immediately be reminded of both the art-style and gameplay of one of 2023’s biggest sleeper hits, Hi-Fi Rush.

Feature list

Key features of Protodroid DeLTA include:

  • Dynamic 3D action platforming – Draw upon DeLTA’s extraordinary dexterity and distinctive arsenal to navigate challenging stages. Jump and shoot in fast and fluid 3D gameplay channeling the 2D classics of the genre.
  • Discover a solarpunk world – Journey through the beautiful and hopeful (but not quite utopian) world of Radia, where solar power is dominant, and humanity and technology coexist with nature.
  • Take on stages in any order – Decide how and when to take on the Vypers. Pick from distinctive stages, fight personality-filled bosses on their home turf, and claim their unique weapons.
  • Vibrant characters – Learn the stories behind a diverse cast of larger-than-life Vyper Masters, rival roboticists, and other Protodroids who operate by a different code.
  • Seek hidden upgrades – Enhance DeLTA’s capabilities by searching for upgrades and power-ups, and master new blade techniques by locating your fellow Protodroid AnnDROID in each stage.

3D platforming awaits

Looking for some action-packed 3D platforming? Look no further than Protodroid DeLTA on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC. To pick up a copy of the game on Xbox, the Xbox Store has you covered for £16.74.

Our review is coming real soon.

Game Description:

Reach your potential in a fast and fluid 3D action platformer set in the beautiful and vibrant “solarpunk” world where humanity and technology co-exist with nature. Take on the role of hyper-advanced android model DeLTA as she seeks to show her world the true promise of artificial intelligence in a powerful, complex story of co-existence between humanity and AI.

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