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PUBG goes papaya with McLaren driving onto the battlefield


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In a collaboration perhaps not many people saw coming, one of Britain’s finest supercar manufacturers is launching onto the PUBG battlefield today. That’s right, McLaren are making their mark on the world of PUBG, as part of Update 19.2 coming to consoles today – such an update has been available on PC since the 7th September.

To cover the McLaren side of things first, PUBG players are able to pick up exclusive McLaren GT vehicle skins, costumes emotes and more from September 15th through to November 10th. Further cosmetics can be unlocked through the PUBG Workshop, as players gain tokens from McLaren Loot Caches and the Crafter Pass, which can be purchased separately from the storefront for your chosen platform. Finally, for those who own McLaren vehicle skins, a container containing a McLaren car will be spawned in at the start of each game, giving one lucky fighter the opportunity to flex their ride during the match.

So, that’s as much as supercars are concerned with Update 19.2 of PUBG, but the fun certainly does not stop there. As with most other updates to the game, a ton of new features are making their arrival to change the way you earn those coveted chicken dinners. Firstly, the Heavy Stock is making an introduction, acting as a new attachment providing less recoil for your weapons, at the cost of a lengthier reload. As with most things regarding attachments, there is a careful interplay between all the additions you make to your weapon.

Further changes have been made to the Deston map, the 9th map added to the game since launch. As well as the introduction of a new vehicle – the Not-So-Friendly Food Truck – that caters for four and features large windows to shoot out of, Deston is being kitted out with a weather system, in which slight changes are made to the weather over the course of a match. Whilst this is not a full day/night cycle, this simply serves to add some realism to proceedings.

Speaking of realism, and the much-awaiting animation refresh is coming as part of Update 19.2. It could always be argued that the animations in PUBG have usually been on the clunky side, but with this update we can hope to see smoother movements across the board.

In all, the key features include:

  • Drive in Style With McLaren Automotive: During PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ collaboration with McLaren Automotive, players will have the opportunity to obtain a “McLaren GT Standard – Onyx Black” vehicle skin, costume, gear, emote and more via in-game McLaren Loot Caches. Players can also outfit the Coupe RB vehicle with McLaren skins and can equip the special McLaren skins to the vehicle through the new vehicle interaction feature. Players can apply the skins by pressing the secondary interaction key in front of the vehicle. The skins do not affect the performance of the vehicle, and its original specs remain unchanged.
    • Vehicle Workshop: Players can also make “McLaren GT Standard – Silica White” and “McLaren GT Elite – Volcano Yellow” vehicle skins in the Workshop by using the McLaren tokens acquired from McLaren Loot Caches and the Crafter Pass: McLaren. McLaren Loot Caches and the Crafter Pass* will be sold in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS during the collaboration periods for PC and console. Additionally, exclusive McLaren Automotive customizable items will also arrive with the collaboration so that players can create their own McLaren vehicles to suit their personal style. In the Workshop, players can craft exterior vehicle colors, brake calipers, wheels, and more to design their own vehicles with these items. The customized cars can also be displayed in the custom lobby.
    • McLaren Container Car: Throughout the collaboration, a special container car will spawn in each starting point of Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Sanhok, Vikendi and Deston. Players who own a McLaren vehicle skin can interact with these container cars and only the player and/or their teammates who open the container can ride and drive the vehicle. The McLaren containers and vehicles will be removed once the match starts.
  • The Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Food Truck: A new vehicle has arrived in Deston, dishing out some not-so-friendly treats to players exploring Deston. If you see the new Food Truck vehicle driving through Deston, you can expect a buffet of bullets flying out of the truck’s open window! The Food Truck carries up to four passengers and features a large, vertical and open window on one side of the van and is only available in Deston.
  • New Weather System: Players jumping into Deston can experience the new time-of-day weather feature that will deliver a more realistic lighting/weather state over the course of a single match. The feature will not support a full day to night cycle and only a short progression cycle will be shown with no drastic change to the sun angle.
  • Animation Refresh: The animation refresh update, originally detailed in a dev letter, will be live for Update 19.2! The goal for the update is to enhance player experience by improving and refining the game’s animation presentation, while retaining existing timing and strategy.
  • New Weapon Attachment, Heavy Stock: The Heavy Stock arrives with Update 19.2 and will provide less recoil at the cost of slower ADS timing. Check the patch notes for a full rundown of weapons compatible with the Heavy Stock.

New attachments, animation improvements, map changes and supercars! Update 19.2 is hopefully one PUBG fans look back on with fond memories, so there’s no better time to get back into (or start your journey with) the free-to-play PUBG on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One.

You can check out the full game on the Xbox Store, or alternatively pick it up on PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia.

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