pubg update 8.3

Despite PUBG Season 8 almost reaching its end, there’s word of some interesting improvements in the pipeline. In fact, Update 8.3 is coming this month and looks to introduce a nifty new item that’ll alleviate damage, a new ferry system, new Team Deathmatch areas, and more. 

Arriving on 16th September for PC and 24th September for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, PUBG Update 8.3 has a fair bit to offer in the upcoming patch. First up are the Jammer Packs, which prevents players from taking damage while inside the Blue Zone for a short time – albeit at the expense of a level 3 bag slot. The energy in each pack will slowly deplete over time and will eventually revert to a regular backpack once drained. Initially, the Jammer Pack is only being unleashed in non-ranked Karakin and Sanhok maps though.

If you were wondering why Erangel got treated to new docks in the previous update, wonder no more. Arguably the most well-known map, Erangel, is receiving a very cool upgrade in the form of Ferries which can transport you from the mainland to Sosnovka Island. Each of the Ferries will stay stationed at each dock for a short amount of time prior to their impending departure.

Amongst the rest of the changes are the additions of Pai Nan and Bootcamp to the Team Deathmatch mode. There are also plenty of updates to the gameplay, including the new assist system which is expanding beyond Ranked Mode to track all those players who lend a helping hand during a kill. And speaking of a helping hand, teammate combat indicators have been brought in to help you quickly identify when a team member is in trouble.

Keep an eye out for PUBG Update 8.3, which is expected on 16th September for PC and, slightly later, on 24th September for Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

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