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It was early 2020 when Ratalaika Games pushed Reed Remastered to console. Some two years later, that same game emerges with a next-gen edition, as Reed Remastered makes the most of the likes of Xbox Series X|S. 

Reed Remastered (Xbox Series X|S) is the fully next-gen optimised version of Reed Remastered, a game which dropped onto Xbox One, PlayStation and Switch a couple of years back. Now though it’s the Ratalaika team along with the development bods at PXLink who are looking for a new income source, with a 4K Ultra HD’d, 60fps, optimised for Xbox Series X|S version. 

Priced at £4.99, Reed Remastered (Xbox Series X|S) does exactly as the first launch of Reed Remastered did, just with those next-gen goodies to boot. In theory this should mean it looks better and plays a bit smoother, but seeing as the only real things that annoyed us with the first launch were a lack of replayability and some artificial difficulty, we’re not sure there’s going to be much different at all. 

Of course, a new Xbox Store listing does mean new achievements, and so if you rinsed the original and fancy some cheap Gamerscore gathering, Reed Remastered (Xbox Series X|S) is going to provide it. 

Should you never have heard of Reed Remastered previously, then let us fill you in. You take charge of a little creature – Reed – who is off on a mission to save the world (as always). It’ll be up to you to help him gather up information cubes, to recalibrate the world and to reboot things into life, dodging traps and enemies along the way. There are no less than fifty levels to enjoy, some pixel art visuals to take in and the usual cheap platforming nonsense that we’re all well used to. 

If you wish to give it a go, either looking to repeat what you did with the original Reed Remastered in order to nab some Gamerscore, or because you missed it first time around, get over to the Xbox Store and take in the download of Reed Remastered (Xbox Series X|S) right now. 

Game Description:

Long ago in a beautiful and mysterious world an old supercomputer created the digital world that is now breaking down. In a final effort to stop the impending end of the virtual space, a small creature named Reed was created to save the world. Help Reed collect information cubes in order to recalibrate the world and reboot the system. Avoid enemies and traps along the way to successfully move onto the next world! The virtual world now depends entirely on you and your platforming skills!

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