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Another new release date confirmed for digital and physical release of Redeemer: Enhanced Edition on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC


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Redeemer: Enhanced Edition was originally set to release in August of 2018. But many months have passed since that date and we are still to see the official launch of the top-down action brawler on to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC. Today though a new release date has been confirmed, and should all go to plan, it won’t be very long before we get the chance to finally get hands on.

Back in July 2018 BUKA Entertainment were promising a release of Redeemer: Enhanced Edition on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC just one month later. That never happened and whilst disappointment quite probably hit a good few people, as we have always said, it’s best to delay a game rather than throw out a sub-standard product.

Thankfully, the delay until June 25th 2019 – when Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is now being promised – has hopefully given the development team behind it a chance to ensure the experience is as good as it possibly can be, providing an intense modern day take on the Brawler genre.

Edit: The game will now be available at the 12 of July for PlayStation®4, Microsoft Xbox® One, Nintendo Switch™ and PC both physically and digitally.

Edit #2: A further delay has now hit Redeemer. The game will arrive on the 19th July 2019.

Artem  Studenikin, PR-Manager at Buka Entertainment: “Players all around the world can’t wait for Vasily to arrive in style on video game consoles. We’re doing our very best so you could fully enjoy the Enhanced Edition. The final stage of quality assurance is underway at full speed to give you the true experience of the iconic brutal gameplay.Only a few days to go – meet Vasily on July 19th on consoles and PC!”

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition will see you punching, hacking and blasting your way through enemies using fists, hammers, fire arms and even the environment, as you play out proceedings as Vasily, a one-time elite operative working for the biggest Cybernetic Weapon Manufacturer in the world. After narrowly escaping to a secluded monastery when the corporation turned on him, attempting to make him one of its cyborg soldiers, he thought that 20 years of peace and harmony in amongst fellow monks had seen him safe. He was wrong though and the corporation found him, giving him one last shot at redemption.

The key features of Redeemer: Enhance Edition on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC include:

  • Intense top-down action: Take out enemies using a wide selection of fire arms and melee weapons including combat knives, batons, fire axes, hammers and many more.
  • Unique kill system: Use three different types of kills to mercilessly eliminate enemies: sneak to stealth kills; use the environment to dispatch your opponents; utilize your combat prowess to beat down your opponents
  • Brutal hand-to-hand combat: Take out enemies using a wide selection of fire arms and melee weapons including combat knives, batons, fire axes, hammers and many more.
  • Disarm-or-dismember system: Use a unique combat move to either disarm enemies of their firearms, or dismember certain enemies at will and use their limbs as melee weapons.
  • Parry System: Defend yourself whilst taking down your enemies by utilizing a well-timed block. Learn the movements and attack patterns of different enemy types to perfect your parry.
  • Story driven single-player: Discover Vasily‘s haunted past and experience a narrative journey of betrayal and redemption.
  • Co-op mode: Play with your friend in co-op mode on one console: Friendship is tempered in battle.
  • Leveling: In-game leveling is based on a gradual battle skills improvement – character’s proficiency with a skill is increased through practice of different attacks: kicks, punches, light and heavy melee weapons or guns such as handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle or plasma gun.
  • Perks system: You have 50 perks to improve the killing efficiency of Vasily. Expand his abilities after every victory. Use new incredible fighting perks – electro punches, dragon breath kicks, explosive plasma and flame bullets etc.

As always, we’ll be sure to remind you when Redeemer: Enhanced Edition can be found digitally on the Xbox Store, physically through your local game store and available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. In the meantime though, taking in the latest trailer will certainly suffice.

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