PGA Tour 2K21 east lake

There have already been announcements regarding the PGA Tour 2K21 roster and an official release date, but now 2K want to share details about the mapping tech used for the Tournament Players Club (TPC) courses. There’s even a nifty little video to explain the in-depth process further.

The futuristic Course Mapping process, using state-of-the-art technology, provides incredibly realistic and accurate course environments in-game. The tech is on full display in the new PGA Tour 2K21 trailer, which features TPC course East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta.

Each course takes several months for the golf-loving experts at HB Studios to build, and it all begins by partnering with Terra Imaging in order to capture and process detailed aerial drone footage for each one. The drones capture almost every real-life detail of these intricate courses, down to one centimetre of accuracy, and then convert the data to 3D images for developers HB Studios to recreate in- game. This process ensures that players will feel every break in the green and elevated tee box that PGA TOUR professionals face in real tournaments. Now that’s authenticity right there!

“Our goal is to make the PGA TOUR 2K21 in-game TPC course recreations as detailed as possible, so it feels like you’re actually playing the course alongside top PGA TOUR pros,” said Shaun West, senior producer at HB Studios. “To see professionals play these courses on TV, and then watch each come to life as playable courses within the game, is an incredibly cool process to see. We’re excited for our fans to be able to experience it as well.”

Here’s a full run-down of the 15 PGA TOUR 2K21 in-game, licensed TPC courses:

  • Atlantic Beach Country Club
  • Copperhead Course
  • East Lake Golf Club
  • Quail Hollow Club
  • Riviera Country Club
  • TPC Boston
  • TPC Deere Run
  • TPC Louisiana
  • TPC River Highlands
  • TPC San Antonio
  • TPC Sawgrass
  • TPC Scottsdale
  • TPC Southwind
  • TPC Summerlin
  • TPC Twin Cities

Before we leave you to watch the accompanying trailer, a brief reminder that PGA Tour 2K21 is going to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

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