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When OlliOlli World released in the early months of 2022, its was all about finding the flow, becoming one with the board – and having a ton of fun as we did so. That’s exactly what the latest, and final, expansion for the game promises too, as Finding the Flowzone rolls out to all. 

Available today as the second and final expansion for OlliOlli World, following on from VOID Riders, Finding the Flowzone hits Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC for a pretty decently low asking price – just £7.99. 

Should you have the base game to hand and decide to pay up for the Finding the Flowzone expansion, then you’ll be treated to what many are calling the raddest OlliOlli World quest yet. See, it has us joining the fearless Radmospheric Three – Squid, Licht, and Professor Planks – as they come together and unify, hoping to prevent B.B. Hopper, the business frog, from exploiting the rumoured hidden city in the sky.

It’s an expansion which will let you traverse some incredible heights, collecting map pieces as you go, unlocking the path to the legendary lost island built by the skate gods themselves. And best yet, courtesy of the tempest skate god, Gail Force, you’ll be able to ride the new Windzones to perform the gnarliest aerial tricks.

Windzones provide a variety of challenges and will allow you to catch some serious air. This means you should be prepared to face massive gusts of winds propelling you upwards or pushing you off course in a multitude of directions throughout each level. Employ the winds for vertigo inducing elevations and perform sick aerial tricks as you sail through the skies in this latest expansion.

You’ll find OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone on the usual digital stores today. It’s either available as an individual download and it’s that which should be of interest to those with the base game, or already included in the Rad Edition of the game. Finding the Flowzone is also included in the Expansion Pass.

Let us know if you decide to pick it up. 

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