The whole Sokoban, box-pushing puzzle genre continues to evolve and today it’s all about that of Robolifter, as it releases on Xbox. 

Available to purchase, download, play and – we guess – enjoy, right now on Xbox is Robolifter, a sokoban-esque box puzzler which just so happens to come with some serious sci-fi undertones. 

It’s priced at £4.99 (launch discount available should you wish to save a bit of cash) and will have you whisked off to your own little spaceship. The thing is, this ship is broken and requires your knowledge and skills in order to get it fixed up, looking sharp. 

Pushing crates from pillar to post, making the most of the environment around you and ultimately fixing some broken reactors is the goal in Robolifter. And with this ship coming complete with its own set of teleporters, pressure pads and other interactive objects and levers, getting a fix in should be a piece of cake. At least it will be if you can get your head around the puzzling entities that lay within. 

We’re not sure Robolifter has too much about it to allow it the chance to overhaul the sokoban genre, but should you be familiar with these puzzlers – and you should be as loads have released in recent times – then cracking on with some ship repairs should be the order of the day. 

Keep an eye out for our review – it’s coming very soon. If you wish to play for yourself, get over to the Xbox Store and pick up Robolifter right now. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – fully optimised for those newer consoles. 

Game Description:

Robolifter is a sci-fi sokibanish puzzle game where you level by level repair the spaceship. You are the last working Lifter bot and the last hope of your companion – Repair AI. Help her to fix the damage and investigate what caused the critical shutdown. Move crates and boxes and use your environment to reach broken reactors to repair them. Teleports, pressure plates, oil leaks and many other interactive objects await you. Repair AI will try to help you with your task… Well, as much as she can do. At least, you will certainly get motivational support!

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