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The hotly anticipated new album from British power metal band DragonForce is fast approaching and before we know it we’ll be able to listen in to the wonders of Extreme Power Metal. But if you’re a Rock Band 4 player, then the opportunity to grab your mates and head into the world of extreme metal comes early, with DragonForce’s latest single – Highway to Oblivion – headlining the latest batch of Rock Band 4 DLC.

After having previously arrived in the brilliant Rocksmith, letting gamers learn, play and master the lead track from DragonForce’s upcoming long-player, we now see Highway to Oblivion become available for Rock Band 4 players, with those wishing to get the band back together presented with a couple of new DLC tunes.

Priced up at £1.29 for DragonForce’s single, and £1.69 for the Steve Vai addition, we see the following tracks added to the ever-increasing Rock Band 4 digital library…

If you’re a fan of either DragonForce or Steve Vai (and if you’re a Rock Band 4 player, chances of that happening are pretty high), then you can grab each of these tunes right now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, or via the PlayStation Store for those preferring to rock out on PS4.

You’ll obviously need the base game of Rock Band 4 in place prior to making the most of these latest download opportunities but from there on out you’re pretty much good to go. As always, if these latest tracks don’t appeal but you are still on the lookout for a new tune or two to jam away with your mates to, then there are all manner of other songs available to grab.

Let us know what you decide to pick up. The comments section is down below and we’d absolutely love to hear from you.

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