xbox games with gold july 2021

Over the course of the last four weeks the Xbox Games With Gold scheme has gifted Xbox players the likes of Injustice: Gods Among Us, The King’s Bird and more, all for free to those with valid Xbox Live Gold memberships. But as June begins to draw to a close, and July thinks about raising a head, those freebies are getting set to switch up. And the ones that are going to be stripped of their price tags through the Games With Gold scheme for July will be replacing them. It’s not a bad list of titles either.

Yeah yeah, we know what you’re thinking – “Xbox Games With Gold isn’t a patch on what it once was!”. We get that too, and the blame for that can only be laid at the feet of the stunning Xbox Game Pass and the plethora of games that frequent that scheme. But there’s still a place for the Games With Gold programme though, especially as these are games which will continue to be yours for as long as you have an Xbox account.

So what do we have for July’s Games With Gold freebies? Well, there are four games in total – as is the norm – with a bit of everything covered no matter what your gaming preferences. In fact, throughout the course of the next month or so, the following games will be removed of their price tags and gifted out to all Xbox Live Gold players to download, free of charge…

You’ll be able to download the games listed above, during the dates shown, for absolutely zero cost provided that you have a valid Xbox Live Gold subscription in place. We’ll be sure to remind you when Rock of Ages and Midway go free midway through July.

For now though you need to get a move on if you haven’t downloaded the free titles from June. You’ll still find The King’s Bird, Shadows: Awakening and Injustice: Gods Among Us just about kicking around for nothing. Get over to the Xbox Store, hit the free download button and enjoy the games that are delivered.

And let us know what you think of the freebies coming in July 2021’s Xbox Games With Gold batches. The comments section is below.

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