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Sail the Jade Sea with Under The Jolly Roger’s latest expansion

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It may not be the biggest seafaring title available in gaming circles, but slowly and surely Under the Jolly Roger has continued to be worked on by the Lion’s Shade and HeroCraft teams. The latest expansion to build out the good ship Jolly Roger is that of the Jade Sea. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for a price of £6.69 is Under The Jolly Roger – Jade Sea. 

Following on from the previous expansion of Pirate City, Jade Sea whisks us off to the high seas once more, given the chance to explore some more mysterious lands and take in new missions as you go. Sailing, trading and fighting continues, but this time around Jade Sea gives the option for you to do so in a couple of new Chinese junk boats, whilst meeting up with new allies should well be the norm. 

As with most games though, there’s a focus point to this DLC and Under The Jolly Roger’s Jade Sea adds in a huge sea dragon, one of the most dangerous elements to any seafarer’s journey. 

Whilst we’re not sure there’s a huge market for new DLC for a game which failed to light up the way when it first released some twelve months ago, if you have a copy of the base game of Under The Jolly Roger and enjoyed what was available, this may just about be worth a little look. 

You’ll find Jade Sea present and correct, looking for new crewmates over at the Xbox Store. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S provided you have the base game to hand. 

DLC Description:

Ahoy Captain! Welcome aboard! Don’t forget a spyglass, your old rascals, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in the “Jade Sea” expansion! It’s time to board a real Chinese junk, fill the hold with rum, and journey to mysterious, foggy islands that conceal the secrets of a forgotten mystical legend. And you’re the one who can uncover it! You will meet unexpected allies, encounter sea dragons, and visit familiar places in an entirely new light on your journey! One of the main missions will be rescue of an Emperor’s daughter. Bloodthirsty pirates have kidnapped the Chinese princess! After your success, she won’t just join your crew, she’ll be able to become the ship’s captain!

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