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Save your squad as Bat Boy!

bat boy
You’ll get to save your squad with Bat Boy

X PLUS and Sonzai Games’s co-developed and Kickstarter-backed title Bat Boy is available to buy, download, play and enjoy.

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well as Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Bat Boy is an 8-bit action platformer/adventure focusing on intuitive travel and kinetic combat and packed with nostalgia. In terms of gameplay, it’s similar to titles such as Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland or Alwa’s Awakening.

Players play as the titular character, the alter ego of a not-so regular high-school kid called Ryosuke who transforms into the sentai hero Bat Boy (think baseball bat rather than the fluffy-winged variety). He is the leader of a team of young sports-themed heroes on a rescue mission to save his brainwashed teammates who are caught under the hypnotic spell of evil dark mage Lord Vicious.

Bat Boy is aided in his quest by his companion, a mouthy crow called Garou. Together they must brave the hostile dimension of Stratoss, fighting his way through dangerous elements and Lord Vicious’ goons.

The search for his friends will take Bat Boy to many locations. Expect to find the likes of barren landscapes, lush jungles, snowy villages and airships high above the clouds, where he will pick up a variety of new skills to help him on his adventure.

What are the key features of Bat Boy?

Key features of the game include:

  • ▪ Swing, deflect, spin and power-hit your way through exciting baseball-style combat!
  • ▪ Explore a vast world of unique and exciting environments, ultimately leading to a showdown with one of Bat Boy’s brainwashed allies!
  • ▪ Take on the powers of each ally as you free them from the influence of Lord Vicious!
  • ▪ Glorious 8-bit visuals, reminiscent of early platformer legends.
  • ▪ High-octane chiptunes from Evader Music, composer for Smelter and Super Sami Roll.

Check out the game’s trailer for more:

Bat Boy is available to download now from the usual places, including the Xbox Store for £11.99.

Game Description:

Interdimensional mage Lord Vicious has brainwashed Bat Boy’s fellow teammates in order to participate in the Trials of Darkness, a heinously brutal series of athletic events! It’s up to Bat Boy to team up with the mouthy crow Garou, traversing a hostile world to free the minds of his sports-hero teammates before they fall victim to the trials. Along the way, Bat Boy will encounter a variety of characters, some allies, most not, as he fights his way to the final confrontation with Lord Vicious. Bat Boy pits the titular hero against the former allies of his sports team with heroes such as Racket Girl, Shinai Guy, Aquaria and Mr. Blitzer, among others as he travels through the many worlds beyond Lord Vicious’ dimensional gateway!

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