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Science Explains How Computer Games Improve Your Skills in Real Life


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Unlike what most people assume, video games are not just for entertainment alone. They are also a remarkably powerful tool for mastering countless skills as well. Think about this, instead of sitting through long lectures trying to understand a new skill like playing a musical instrument; you can easily learn by playing a computer game related to the instrument. 

For a minute there, there’s a chance that you had even forgotten that music-related games exist! Well, there is no doubt about how much we love video games thanks to their entertaining nature.  However, before you start shuffling the keyboard on your PC or fiddling with your controller, have you ever thought of the benefits that computer games can bring you? If you’ve never thought about it, today we’ll take a look at how computer games can improve your skills in life, as explained by science.  

  • Risk Management in Gambling
Risk Management in Gambling

Like many computer games, free online casino games are exceptionally popular thanks to their exhilarating entertainment factor. However, it’s not always about fun alone. They are also about risking what you have for the promise of better returns. To make the most out of the game, you have to be smart about what you risk and how you risk it. 

For better risk management, players often go for no deposit games for practice before spending real cash.  If you play long enough in a bid to understand the ins and outs of the game, you will learn the necessary skills for managing your risks to help you win real money in casino games. Likewise, such games also teach us about how to manage risk in life. 

  • Personal Accountability

The best computer games are often challenging. Pushing through these challenges can teach us personal accountability as well as perseverance. And since life is equally as challenging, pushing through obstacles and paying for the mistakes in the game teaches us something about life. Eventually, by playing some of these games, we end up learning how to concentrate on our daily activities and improve on them.

  • Sharpening Our Communication Skills in Real Life

When it comes to online games, there are lots of opportunities to interact with fellow players who enjoy the same game.  Every one of those experiences in the virtual world teaches us a few things about how to deal with other people, including strangers in real life. You can work well with just about anyone even in extreme situations, particularly if you are working towards the same goal. Communication is essential in many ways, and video games provide us with a platform to learn the skill. 

  • Training Our Brains to Improve Problem-Solving Skills

There is still a hot debate on whether video games really improve our cognitive skills and make us smarter.  But researchers recently found out that cognitive parts of our brain related to strategy, muscle control, and memory usually grow bigger as a result of playing computer games.  But then again, this does not necessarily mean that we get smart as a result, but we build on our tenacity to solve problems in real life.

Furthermore, research also shows that even if we don’t improve our cognitive ability when playing video games, we can develop new skills as a result.  And from playing a game over and over again, we will end up sharpening the newly acquired skill over and over again. For instance, some games are designed with critical thinking and problem-solving challenges, and if you manage to pass through different levels, you train your brain to think critically. 

  • Relaxation and Relieving Tension

For many people, playing games facilitates downtime that is much needed. The psychological benefits of playing video games can extend to real life where you relieve anxiety and stress.  Researchers have also shown that captivating video games can treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Better yet playing violent games has been proven as an effective way of blowing off steam after a frustrating day. 

  • Getting Better at Multitasking
computer games

Lots of researchers agree that multitasking can sometimes be very productive. For instance, cognitive scientist Daphne Bavalier found out that the adults who played video games like Call of Duty were great at dealing with auditory and visual distractions concurrently. 

  • Levelling Up in Life

Whether you are a hardcore video gamer or not, maybe treating life like a computer game can help you improve the general quality of your life. It could, for instance, help you achieve your goals or improve your fitness. If you were to think of yourself as a character starting at levels 1, you might be able to determine areas that require improvement. After determining these abilities, train on them, and track your progress. If it works well for you, you might gamify many aspects of your life and improve on yourself in a fun way. Has that ever occurred to you?

  • Strategy

Mission games require skills and planning to move to the next level. As such, how players approach different levels greatly determine how they progress in the game. For example, games like Grand Theft Auto and SimCity rely heavily on a strategy to succeed. Other games like slots, roulette, poker and blackjack in online casinos also require that you take calculated steps to achieve the desired output. For instance, a smart bettor could decide to place small bets to gather winnings over time. This removes the possibility of losing all the money in a split of a second. Likewise, if you make the right judgments which will enable you to make the best out of each situation for prosperity on anything that you do.

  • Focus & Concentration

Players need to be fully into the game as they play. To see that you win at the end, any distractions should be done away with. Strategy games and puzzles also call for keenness when you are playing against an AI program or even a human opponent. A small deviation of concentration throttles your chances of winning. As a result, player’s levels of concentration are thus given a boost, and these boosts can be useful in real-life situations where a person is involved in serious decision-making activities.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge from Different Areas

Many video games come with different themes which are based on various aspects of life. The icons and characters used are drawn from a host of different cultures. Thus, playing video games can trigger a person’s curiosity to know more about these cultures and people. Looking them up and perhaps even interacting with them adds on the player’s knowledge on a range of topics.

Parting Shot

Indeed, computer games are not just for fun but can also contribute significantly to the real-life skills of participating gamers. There are plenty of benefits such as becoming better at analysis, improving your hand-eye coordination, boosting your ability to focus, enriching your knowledge of various discipline, and so much more. So, if you just looked at computer games as mere time-wasting applications, then you should rethink that. It’s high time you start playing computer games to develop different aspects of your life!

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