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You could be mistaken for thinking that there were only two dinosaur-themed games worth worrying about over the last week, what with the promise of a Dino Crisis remake on the cards and us spending time chatting to Frontier Developments in regards the brilliant Jurassic World Evolution. But you’d be wrong and Avalanche Studios have today announced that their upcoming cooperative multiplayer dino-shooter, Second Extinction, will be looking to have some life dropped into it thanks to the Xbox Game Preview scheme.

Coming to Xbox Game Preview through both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in the Spring of 2021, thanks to the teams at Systemic Reaction and Avalanche Studios, Second Extinction will let you and your mates squad up with a range of super powerful weapons as you take the fight to some of the most monstrous dinosaurs that have ever roamed the land. The problem is, these guys are more mutated, and deadlier than ever.

“Since the launch of Second Extinction in Steam Early Access, we have been able to add new features and tweak old ones with greater confidence, building something better with each update. It only feels right to finally say how excited we are that Second Extinction is coming to the Xbox Preview program this Spring! I can’t wait to welcome Xbox players to the community,” said Simon Vickers, Game Director at Systemic Reaction.

When Second Extinction does drop on to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, it’ll happily pit teams of up to three players against swarms of bloodthirsty dinos in fast-paced battles across Earth’s post-apocalyptic wastelands. And it is here where the War Effort becomes Second Extinction’s community-driven global metagame: by completing missions and activities around the map, you’ll directly influence the threat level, in turn bringing all new challenges to players all over the world.

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It’ll arrive with Second Extinction nailing 4K/60 FPS on Xbox Series X, and will also be present to gamers wishing to experience mobile gaming via xCloud support. And of course, what with it being a Game Preview title, expect to see a wealth of additional features to come after that.

Having first released on Steam Early Access in fall 2020, Second Extinction has gone on to grow through frequent content updates guided by community feedback, introducing new weapons, challenges, dino mutations, War Effort emergence events, gameplay improvements, and much more. The game’s next update, Pre-Season 3, will go live on February 24th on PC, with that Xbox Game Preview rollout occurring later in the Spring.

Give the latest trailer a little watch and let us know what you think.


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