shadow of the tomb raider the serpents heart

Can’t get enough of Lara Croft or Shadow of the Tomb Raider? You’ll be more than happy to see a new content drop hit home.

The Serpent’s Heart is the headlining act for Shadow of the Tomb Raider fans to enjoy, and by stumping up the measly cost of £3.99, you too can get all that it brings added in to your game.

This will mean Shadow of the Tomb Raider players get access to a never-before-seen Challenge Tomb, one that is filled with treacherous waters, before helping Lara infiltrate enemy barracks and confront her latest enemies in a mountain hideout.

The Serpent’s Heart DLC for Shadow of the Tomb Raider will also add in some extra gear for Croft fans to embrace, with a Dragon Scales outfit, the Serpent Lash weapon and the Divine Bounty skill all included – the latter may not seem overly exciting but delivering more gold the way of Ms. Croft whenever she decides to loot enemies is something that should never be ignored.

Sitting alongside the purchase of The Serpent’s Heart though is also an individual purchase of the Myth Hunter Gear; a pack that just brings the Dragon Scales outfit and Serpent Lash weapon. That by itself will set you back £2.39.

You will obviously need the base game of Shadow of the Tomb Raider to hand prior to considering a purchase of either The Serpent’s Heart of the Myth Hunter Gear, but should that be in place – and with it being a recent addition to the brilliant Xbox Game Pass, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a copy to hand – then you are good to go!

The Serpent’s Heart DLC Description:

Deal with the repercussions of a failed uprising! In order to save the lives of dedicated Rebels, Lara Croft must navigate the treacherous waters of a never-before-seen challenge tomb, infiltrate enemy barracks, and confront them directly in their mountain hideout. The Serpent’s Heart offers new customization options, including the Dragon Scales outfit, the Serpent Lash weapon, and the Divine Bounty skill, which rewards Lara with more gold pieces when looting fallen enemies.

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