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Side-scrolling shoot ‘em up Alien Cruise lands on Xbox One

alien cruise xbox one

From the creative developers behind the wacky point-and-clicker Mr. Pumpkin Adventure, Cotton Game, comes a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up called Alien Cruise on Xbox One. Can you survive the Earth’s impending crisis?

In Alien Cruise, you are tasked with surviving a crisis set in the not too distant future, one which sees the Earth’s natural environment is deteriorating. Scientists have detected that there are other habitable planets outside of their galaxy and so the journey begins to find the most suitable place for the human race to extend their existence. As a well-trained elite astronaut, you’ll need to explore the unknown parts of space at the helm of a spacecraft. To save humanity though, great challenges must be overcome and other life forms may become an issue.

If you want to become a space warrior, blasting away aliens to save the human race, Alien Cruise is now available on Xbox One via the Xbox Store for £9.19 – although a little launch discount will initially bring that down to £7.81. Keep an eye out for our full review which is currently in the works as it’ll provide a more in-depth look at this side-scrolling shooter. Should you purchase it before then, get in touch and let us know your thoughts on Alien Cruise.

Game Description:

Alien Cruise is an independent side scroller shooting game. Its background is set at the foreseeable future, when protagonist is facing a survival crisis due to deterioration of the Earth’s natural environment. At this point, some scientists detect the existence of other planets outside their own galaxy with other types of life on them, which are very likely to be suitable for human beings. They therefore trained a group of elite space astronauts to look for chances of extending life in the outer space and save their home. These well-trained space warriors need to drive spacecrafts to explore and find a planet suitable for human life. In the unknown space, unprecedented great challenges awaits them.

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