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Slew of new Cities: Skylines DLC bring new visual and audio delights to your cityscapes


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Cities: Skylines is most certainly one of the best city sim styled titles available today. Yes it can be daunting, with the huge range of options available to players taking some getting used to, but once you begin to embrace the power that you have, will discover a universe that is absolutely ripe for reaping. That universe continues to get better too, and today, on the back of PDXCON Remixed, Cities: Skylines has received a whole host of new great content. 

In all there are four new DLC packs now available for Cities: Skylines, no matter what format you play on. This means that Xbox players (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S), PS4 folk and those preferring PC will be entrusted with the chance to work a ton of new content pieces into their cities. 

Two of these four DLC packs work the content creator line, as Paradox Interactive let the community show off, whilst the other two are much more serene affairs, building out the already plentiful radio stations. 

So what do we have? Well, the first piece is the Bridges & Piers Content Creator Pack. Priced at £4.19, this provides 22 new mods that have been created by Armesto, allowing you to use no less than 7 new regular traffic bridges, 3 one-way train bridges, a couple of pedestrian bridges, 9 new Quay styles AND a couple of addition piers for good measure. 

Kicking in alongside that is the Train Stations Pack. Similarly priced, and put together by BadPeanut, if you’re looking for a new train station, this is for you. It contains 6 of the finest Metro stations, the same number of train stations and 4 additional public transport hubs. Basically, if you’re transport situation needs a new solution, grab this pack. 

Further to both of those are the Rail Hawk and Sunny Breeze Radio Stations. Each are priced at £3.29 but deliver too entirely different audio experiences. The Rail Hawk station throws out 16 new electronic tracks, and should be perfect for those looking for some underground hits, whilst tuning in to Sunny Breeze will deliver the synth sounds towards your ears. 

Of course, in order to utilise any of these packs, you’ll need the base game of Cities: Skylines to hand – but then, with that kicking around on Xbox Game Pass, there’s no reason not to be playing already. Honestly though, if you’re in the market for a city sim and have access to an Xbox console, a PlayStation or a decent PC, you’ll want to make a line for this. From there, the links below will whisk you to each of the relevant Xbox Store pages. 

DLC Descriptions:

  • Cities: Skylines – Rail Hawk Radio: The vibrant city may be slowing down to go to sleep, but you’re just getting started, jamming along to 16 electronic tracks as you prowl past flickering neon lights in windows while the late train keeps a perfect beat as it speeds past.
  • Cities: Skylines – Sunny Breeze Radio: Palm trees sway on the city’s waterfront as you soak up the sun while the music plays. Sunny Breeze Radio matches that mood perfectly with 16 modern synth tracks. Kick back and let everything align to create the perfect summer day chill.
  • Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: Train Stations: Train Stations features 12 stations and 4 hubs, created by BadPeanut. Whether your city would benefit from an elevated or below-ground station, there are new mass transit options to meet your needs, featuring several stylish train and metro stations.
  • Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: Bridges & Piers: Enhance and elevate your waterfronts with this set of 22 unique assets from community creator Andrés “Armesto” Cortiña. With industrial and classical styles found from around the world. Build on your city’s iconic appearance and shape your oceanic skyline with these quintessential connectors
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