Gunborg: Dark Matters Xbox

‘80s synthwave and neon pinks and blue go hand-in-hand. A timeless combination that will continue to be used together a long way into the future. Add to this some weapon-based mechanics and you’ve almost got yourself a videogame. Add to all this a shield to reflect bullets and bounce off otherwise deadly obstacles and you’ve got yourself a game that comes out today. Gunborg: Dark Matters is out now on the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Arriving on a spaceship filled with hostile aliens, you’ve got to get yourself through it and capture the deadly bosses within. Armed with a blade and a shield, can you make it through unscathed?

Gunborg: Dark Matters isn’t just a melee affair. Use your enemies weapons against them as you battle through arcade-style 2D action. If Gunborg: Dark Matters is more of a walk in the park than a run through enemy territory, up the ante with a higher difficulty setting. Probably just whack it up to the max actually because Gunborg has a super-fast respawn meaning any deaths are almost forgotten about instantly. Elden Ring, this is not.

Gunborg: Dark Matters also features:

  • Skill based arcade-style gameplay
  • Three difficulty settings
  • All enemy weapons can be picked up by the player
  • A powerful shield to deflect enemy bullets
  • Dark energy super charges your weapons
  • Smooth gameplay and fluid animations
  • Super fast addictive respawn cycle

Gunborg: Dark Matters is available to download now priced at £12.49 on the Xbox Store. Those of you quicker than a Gunborg respawn can swipe the game up cheaper at just £11.24 for a very limited time. And those of you waiting won’t have to wait long; our review is not far away.

Game description

Gunborg: Dark Matters is an arcade style, action packed platformer in space, with smooth gameplay and a slick 80’s synthwave soundtrack. Armed with a fierce blade and a powerful shield your challenge is to fight your way through a mad alien spaceship filled with nefarious creatures and capture the fearsome bosses defending it. Do you have what it takes to face constant threats while staying on your feet in the heat of combat? Can you keep your cool when chaos is descending upon you?

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