It’ssss been on the cardssss for ssssometime, but now finally Sssssnake Passsss is here. Oh yessssss!

Available to download right now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, the retro inspired platformer which burst out of a simple GameJam will set you back just £16.24. Giving you the chance to slip, slide, slither, curl and climb your way through a number of worlds, making your way over and across multiple obstacles and completing some mind-bending puzzles in the process, Snake Pass is a visual dream – especially when you (or your TV) allow it to make the most of HDR. Bright and colourful is the name of the game and this most definitely delivers both those things.

There are also tons of collectibles to pick up, secret areas to explore and a surprisingly addictive time trial mode which will allow you to constantly battle for the leaderboard top spot with your friends. You may think that Snake Pass is a relaxing time waster, but when you’re set against the clock, things really start to heat up.

Sumo Digital have created a world like no other, allowing the antics of Noodle the Snake and Doodle the Hummingbird to draw you in and never let go…at least not until you’ve made it through the four worlds and 15 levels that it is comprised of.

Our review is coming, as is our Let’s Play video. But for now, you should be making your way to the Xbox Games Store immediately.

It’ll be worth the wait though. Sumo Digital promissssse.

Game Description:

THINK LIKE A SNAKE! When the tranquillity of Haven Tor is interrupted by a mysterious interloper only the unlikeliest of heroes can save the day! Meet Noodle the Snake and his hyperactive best friend, Doodle the Hummingbird, who together must re-unite the missing Keystones with the magical gates that give Haven Tor its mythical power. A unique, physics based puzzle platform game, Snake Pass challenges players to ‘think like a snake’ as they tackle precarious puzzles as only a snake can. Slither through long grass, coil around bamboo and climb out of trouble in the latest game from award winning independent studio Sumo Digital! ·         15 brain bending, snake charming levels ·         Master Noodle’s one-of-a-kind abilities ·         Unravel the mystery of the nefarious gatecrasher ·         Restore Haven Tor to its former glory ·         A brand-new soundtrack from fan favourite composer David Wise ·         Unlock Time Trial mode and compete to be the slickest slitherer in the world

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stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
5 years ago

Have to say I’m torn about this one… I want it for sure, that’s not the issue. I saw it originally as a Switch launch game and can see it would make a great mobile game and a nice showcase for the console. But the Xbox version will give me those all important achievements lol. A true first world dilemma… suppose I could just get it for both…

Neil Watton
Reply to  stylon (Steve)
5 years ago

I started playing it yesterday (review should be here early next week at the latest) and pretty much love it. Went hands on with it many months ago so knew the basics, but other than a few little dodgy issues, it’s bloody good.

Don’t worry about Switch though – cheevos are much more important.

stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
Reply to  Neil Watton
5 years ago

Yeah, deep down, I know you’re right… especially with it having ‘collectables’. Few things are more compelling than collectables that earn you an achievement for getting them all 🙂 I’d miss out on the time trials competition aspect of it too as I don’t know anyone else with a Switch yet.