The Sniper Elite franchise is set to continue in paper fashion as the team at Rebellion have announced a tie-in comic series called Sniper Elite: Resistance.

Resistance will be a 3-part series developed by Rebellion themselves, written by Keith Richardson and with art from Patrick Goddard. The first issue will offer two variant covers – one from Patrick Goddard and the other from Sniper Elite game artist Edouard Groult.

Karl Fairburne will once again take centre stage in the miniseries as he parachutes in to the French town of Angouleme to try and stop the shipment of a new German anti-aircraft weapon. He quickly finds out the hard way though that things won’t go according to plan.

Sniper Elite: Resistance will be available in all good book shops from 29th August. For more information on ordering you can visit the 2000AD website here

Are you a fan of the series and want more of it? Will you be buying the comic miniseries? Lets us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out our review of the most recent game in the series too. Sniper Elite 4 is damn good!

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