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On the face of it SnowRunner may not look that appealing, but much like the game which came before it in Spintires: MudRunner, anyone jumping behind the cab of the blockbusting ultimate off-roader knows just how deep and immersive it can be. And that’s good too as right now SnowRunner is expanding to all new levels, with it not just arriving on new formats, but bringing with it a whole host of content – both of the paid and free variety.

Already available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC through the Epic Games Store, Saber Interactive and Focus Home’s SnowRunner has now also rolled out on Steam, through the Windows Store and on Nintendo Switch. 

Whilst the opening of doors on various formats is all nice, it’s the latest content that has us excited. Season 4: New Frontiers holds the key to all that, as does the arrival of the Year 2 Pass which promises to bring forth four new seasons down the line. 

New Frontiers takes us to Amur Oblast, Russia, providing SnowRunner drivers the chance to hit the rugged 12 square kilometres of Russian wilderness. It’ll cost you £9.59 unless you have previously purchased the Year 1 Pass. This means that the size of SnowRunner has effectively doubled since launch.

New Frontiers includes:

  • · A new primary objective adding hours of gameplay through new missions to rebuild an old soviet rocket launchpad
  • · Four large maps in Amur Oblast, a new Russian winter region.
  • · Two new vehicles, including the ZiKZ 605-R, and the Khan 317 Sentinel scout vehicle.
  • · New addons
  • · New exclusive skins and cosmetics, including vehicle skins and stickers.

And with the Year 2 Pass promising even more, it’s set to expand further still. 

That Year 2 Pass will set you back £19.99, but will then ensure you are able to go snowrunning with Season 5: Build & Dispatch, Season 6: Haul & Hustle, Season 7: Compete & Conquer  and Season 8: New Expansion. These will each bring new maps, add-ons, vehicles and more. 

If you can’t wait for those to drop then you’ll have to make do with the instant access of the exclusive Burning Bright Vinyl Wrap Pack, adding four exclusive skins for the Azov 5319, Azov 73210, YAR 87 and Voron AE-4380! This in itself is also available for £2.49. 

That’s not all though and you’ll also be able to grab the GMC Brigadier DLC for £3.29 or take home the free – yes, that’s free – SnowRunner Anniversary DLC. What’s not to like?

All of this comes together to ensure that the already brilliant SnowRunner package just gets better and better. Should you have a copy of the game, you’ll want to seriously consider the latest content – especially that free stuff. If you don’t yet own the game, get to it – you’ll find a download present on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

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