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Sports is a competitive genre. We’ve got the yearly instalments of FIFA, NBA and NHL bringing the big guns. And then, on top of that, a simulator based on most popular sports known to man. Even skateboarding is making a well-deserved comeback. But what about those of us who crave for something in the vein of FIFA Street? Maximum Games has the answer. Street Power Football brings the Beautiful Game to the streets across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC.

As the name implies, Street Power Football (Street Power Soccer in North America) doesn’t take place in jam-packed stadiums; it unfolds right there on the streets with six distinct game modes. In addition to more or less regular 3v3 matches of football, Street Power Football allows you to express your creative spirit. Freestyle competitions require you to impress the jury with your ability to juggle the ball. And somewhat similarly, the Panna mode pits you against a single opponent in a feint showdown.

Those regular matches of football will see you score goals and complete challenges using various kinds of shots, feints and even superpowers. Practice your ability to strike the ball off the field in the Trick Shots mode. Hit particular targets within the environment, rack up points and score big. Enjoy a freestyle showdown or a game of ball while listening to music by famed performers, such as Black Eyed Peas and Greta Van Fleet.

Become the king of streets under the supervision of freestyle footballer Sean Garnier. Street Power Football includes a number of real-world freestyling superstars, such as Melody Donchet, Raquel Benetti and Andrew Henderson. It also allows you to create and customize your own character with a wide array of clothing, accessories and even tattoos.

Street Power Football is available for purchase right now on the Xbox Store or the platform of your choice. At a steep price point of £39.99, it might seem like a risky investment, but rest assured, our upcoming review will let you know if it’s a worthy one. In the meantime, be sure to check out the launch trailer below or our thoughts from a recent developer presentation that we were kindly invited to.

Game Description:

Sick style and high-energy action come together in this arcade football experience. Face off against street football legends or friends in a variety of over-the-top game modes and playgrounds, unleashing tricks and crushing superpowers to become Street King.

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