dragon ball fighterz super baby 2

It’s been 36 months since Dragon Ball FighterZ first allowed fans of the franchise the chance to get involved in a right royal rumble, but to this day it has continued to grow with multiple DLC offerings – the latest of which is the addition of Super Baby 2 to the roster. 

Available as part of the FighterZ Pass 3 (a Pass which also includes Master Roshi, Kefla and Goku (Ultra Instinct)) or now as a standalone individual DLC drop, Super Baby 2 is the Ultimate Malign Being, letting players get involved as a playable character; one who is sure to dominate the fight. 

Priced up at £3.99, the Dragon Ball FighterZ – Super Baby 2 DLC doesn’t just drop Super Baby 2 himself into the action, but also provides access to a brand new Lobby Avatar, a new Z Stamp and no less than five alternate colours for his outfit. If you’re looking to express your Super Baby 2 love, there is possibly no better way. 

With a copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ to hand, you’ll just have to pop over to your favourite digital store in order to pick up the Super Baby 2 content. Whether that be the Xbox Store for those fighting it out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, through the PlayStation Store for the players preferring a bit of PS4/PS5 action, via the Nintendo eShop for Switch or even through PC, matters little – just go and get access to Super Baby 2 right now. 

Let us know in the comments and via the usual social media channels what you think of his fighting style too. Is it something you can learn to embrace? Is the Super Baby 2 downloadable content the option you have been holding out for? We’d love to hear from you.

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DLC Description:

The Ultimate Malign Being, Super Baby 2, now comes to DRAGON BALL FighterZ!


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