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Surprising (Un)Expected Gifts For A Racing Game Lover


Every gamer has a favourite type of games. You might enjoy a variety of adventure, strategy and simulation games, but there’s no denying that you’ve got a soft spot for one specific category. Racing games are a favourite for most enthusiastic players because they tap into our childhood memories. Indeed, can you name a child who doesn’t love racing friends? It’s difficult to pinpoint the real reasoning behind our racing fascination, but the truth is that most of us have once dreamed about the perfect race. Ultimately the media fascination for racing is likely to be the reason behind players’ love. Our world is full of racing role models, from Alain Prost to the Fast and Furious saga. Being fast at the steering wheel is almost synonymous with success, so it’s easy to make the connecting with video games. After all, it’s the safest race you can join! So what can you give a virtual racing champion for Christmas? You might not always find the best gifts online unless you know where to shop in the first place. Websites like Dynamic Gift can help you to find the gaming gifts that you want, but you need to do a little shopping around! The more you know about your target, the better, as this can inform what you buy.

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Can you make their favourite car “real”? 

Racing gamers may not take their passion onto a physical track, but it doesn’t stop them from appreciating some more practical applications they can take on the road. As such, you can surprise an enthusiastic virtual champion with some tasteful car updates. You can organise a car wrap to get their everyday vehicle wrapped to the colours of their virtual racing car, for instance. Wrapping vehicles is a cost-effective process that doesn’t damage the paint, which means you don’t have to worry if your surprise doesn’t receive the appreciation you expected! Another great idea for a close friend or a relative is to take a close look at private number plates. You could find a reg combination that refers to their favourite games or racing champion. Some games also sell merchandising items that are suitable for cars, such as a toy they could hang to the mirror or a series of stickers for a rear window. 

Throw them at the heart of the race

Not everyone would enjoy transforming or redecorating their cars. But you can change the way they perceive their virtual racing vehicle instead. Indeed, virtual reality headsets are a popular choice for racing games, as they throw the players directly behind the steering wheel. It’s fair to note that VR sets are not suitable for everyone. They are renowned for aggravating motion sickness issues; therefore, it’s good to choose wisely. Someone who feels nauseous in a moving vehicle may not enjoy their VR set. On the other hand, someone who is happy to read and chat in a car or on a train is unlikely to develop motion unbalance. The PlayStation VR set offers full 3D immersion and high-quality display at a reasonable cost. In comparison, PC gamers would need to spend over £130 more to find the equivalent quality in a suitable computer set. Ideally, you might want to pay a visit to your local Argos and John Lewis, where you’d be able to see for yourself the difference between each model. 

Update their game shelf for Christmas 

DiRT Rally 2.0 has made a buzz in the gaming news when they released exciting content drops, including access to new vehicles for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Labelled Codemasters’ finest driving game yet, the game gives players full control of the vehicle, including the choice of tyre and full discipline on the virtual track. Needless to say, it’s a game that demands dedication, which is why it can discourage novice players. Veterans and enthusiasts, however, who have fallen in love with Dirt 4 in 2017, would appreciate full racing equipment for the game. You can add a steering wheel and a set of pedals that can radically transform the experience on the track. If you’re set on a driving game, make sure to maintain realistic appearances; Dirt Rally 2.0 works best with a steering wheel rather than the traditional remote controller. 

Dive into the past

What can you give to someone who’s already got all the latest racing games and gadgets? You can surprise them with a retro game, instead. Gran Trak 10, released in 1974 by Atari is considered to be the first racing video game in history. The game is downloadable and can be played online. Alternatively, if you fancy something unique, you can set a Raspberry Pi unit that can play Gran Trak 10, for a trip down memory lane. Pole Position, released on arcade in 1983 is a catchy colour version that would also work on a Raspberry Pi unit. 

Racing games tap into our love of speed. There’s something genuinely fascinating about fast cars! Therefore, there’s also something truly pleasing about fast and exciting racing games. Retro games and VR sets are always a great and unexpected choice to enhance the whole experience. But nothing says “I love racing” as much as letting your car carry your true racing colours! 

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