Looking forward to the madness of the upcoming Dangerous Driving? You’ll be even more excited now that Three Fields Entertainment have allowed a little look at the locations found within.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Epic Store) on April 9th 2019, Dangerous Driving is the latest title to come out of the creative minds of Three Fields Entertainment, following on from the genre-defining Burnout series of games, and moving the whole ‘dangerous’ theme on to another level after the release of Dangerous Golf and the two Danger Zone experiences.

Dangerous Driving will see the aggression injected back into the racing genre, as it tries to recapture the spirit of the past, all whilst elevating it to new heights. This will see you racing against ruthless opponents in a series of intense game modes, set across 30 heart-stopping courses which are packed with mayhem and carnage.

This will all take place over 7 stunning locations, allowing for an epic road trip that has been inspired by the scenic roads of the USA. Each track promises to provide the ultimate dangerous driving experience with drivers always seconds from a perilous cliff edge or deadly obstacle.

These locations include –

  • Twin Ferry Lakes – one of the more peaceful drives of Dangerous Driving, but as with all the courses in the game, danger lurks around every corner.
  • Dead Rock Canyon – the straighter roads of Dead Rock Canyon make this location seem easy to navigate at first, but sharp hairpins and perilous cliff drops mean players will be constantly kept on the edge of their seats.
  • Surf Side Island – sweeping bridges, stunning coastal views, wind farms and open sided tunnels are the trademarks of this location.
  • Eagle Ridge Mountain – the switchback sections in Eagle Mountain Ridge are where players will have the opportunity to pull off some of the biggest drifts in the game, in this dramatic snowy mountain drive.
  • High Dunes Desert – a dazzling drive through remarkable scenery but don’t be fooled – this is a technical course where players will need their wits about them.
  • Grasslands Proving Ground – set against a craggy, rocky backdrop are a myriad of tunnels, corners and some challenging air sections.
  • Cool Water Valley – set around a steep ravine, this fast track is as unforgiving as the rivals players will race against.

If you fancy giving Dangerous Driving a go, then the 9th of April should be the date you keep free. It’ll launch digitally on Xbox One and PS4, with further release hitting the Epic Games Store on PC. Further to this, Maximum Games are helping out with the physical side of things with an Xbox One and PS4 launch including Danger Zone 2. It’ll set you back $39.99 US/$49.99 CAD/UK £29.99/Europe €39.99/Australia $69.95 AUD.

Will you be giving Dangerous Driving a blast? Let us know in the comments below.


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