It’s one of the closest championship battles in recent history and now the glitz and glamour of the latest F1 season is rolling into Germany for another mash up around the Hockenheimring. Whether you’re a massive F1 fan or just like your racing games, F1 2018 will surely be one to watch out for and today Codemasters have given us the opportunity to take in the Hockenheimring in all its glory – with Nico Hulkenberg navigating a lap of the famous circuit.

F1 2018 will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come the 24th August 2018, delivering the most immersive, most authentic F1 experience yet. That means we’ll get access to all the official teams, drivers, cars and circuits from the current season, as well as 20 iconic vehicles from the history of the sport.

But whilst we’ve still got a few weeks to wait until the launch, for now we can check out the Hockenheimring as Nico Hulkenberg gets to grips with the straights and corners it holds.

“It is always fantastic to have the real F1 drivers spending time with the game and giving us feedback on the handling and the game as a whole,” commented Lee Mather, Game Director, F1 2018. “The drivers can provide a finer level of insight. For example they can talk to us about facets of the circuits that only they know.”

Check the video out below.

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