oneshot world machine edition

With the original OneShot hitting the PC market way back in 2016 (yes, that’s six years ago now guys!), it’s now time for the metafictional puzzle-adventure title to blast over to the console market. Bringing a story of a self-aware child on a mission through a computer, with the aim to revive the literal sun, you can be sure you haven’t played anything of the ilk.

Releasing today onto Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, OneShot: World Machine Edition sees the player assume control of Niko. Well, we say ‘assume control of’, as Niko is fully aware of your presence, and one of the main draws of OneShot is that you will start to form a connection with Niko throughout the course of the game. From a top-down 2D perspective, yourself and Niko will be navigating a desolate computerised world by way of puzzle solving, and a lot of it! 

At times you’ll be playing the game… through the game. To progress through certain parts of the story, you’ll have to boot up an in-house version of OneShot, which houses files and documents that can help you through what can be fiendishly difficult puzzles. 

That’s not the only instance of fourth-wall breaking either: whilst devs Future Cat stress that this is not a horror game, the breaks can be quite spooky indeed, inducing paranoia and tension within the player.

All this, and more, is summarised in the Steam page’s list of features:

  • Gameplay mechanics that go beyond the game window.
  • A haunting original soundtrack and artwork designed to match.
  • A unique relationship between a game and its player.
  • A lingering feeling that you’re not getting the full story unless you know where to look.

Fancy picking up a copy of OneShot: World Machine Edition for yourself? For Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players, do so over on the Xbox Store, where a copy costs £12.49. The World Machine Edition is also available on PS5, PS4 and PC.

Game Description:

The World Knows You Exist. Experience an adventure game with puzzles that go beyond its own window and establish a unique bond with the main character. In OneShot: World Machine Edition, you discover a strange computer operating system with a self-contained world installed. Explore this world to unravel its mysteries and help guide a child on their mission to restore the long-dead sun. You hear that saving the world may no longer be possible… But it’s worth a shot, you think. Now with collectible content and features exclusive to the World Machine Edition.

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