For all the complexities that this world brings us, sometimes we just want simple. And there certainly aren’t many games that are simpler than Deadliners.

Available right now on Xbox One, Deadliners sees you taking to a playfield with full control of a line. Yep, a single solitary line. From there on out it is you against your mates in a battle to the death.

Deadliners plays on a few different game modes – Free for all, Capture the Flag, Linehunter and Survival – with the latter of those being the only option available to the lone player. For the most part each of these modes delivers a pretty self-explanatory objective too, leaving you to manoeuvre your line around each arena in the hope that you can come out on top.

With some rather simple yet delightful visuals in place, and the game modes already set up for a bit of a party atmosphere, if you can grab your mates and entice them in to a game of Deadliners then chances are huge fun will be had for all.

A monthly tournament that promises to test the very best Deadliners is also on the way, so hone those skills and show the world exactly what you are all about.

You can grab Deadliners right now from the Xbox Store. The lovely £6.69 price tag should be just enough tempting to drag players in.

Game Description:

The rules are simple. Each player controls a line on the playfield, and has a certain number of shots and clears available for use in combat. Deadliners features 5 different game modes ranging from single player training to 4-man action. Free For All (2-4 players): – In this game mode players compete vs each other to score points each round. Each player controls their own “Deadliner” and can maneuver around while shooting and dodging enemy players. Players can choose to battle it out on many different maps and with either shrink or dark mode options turned on. Capture the Flag (Team 2v2): – Classical capture the flag mode with a Deadliners twist. When you die your entire “line” is removed instantly from the map, clearing the way for other Deadliners to pass. Go for different tactical decisions with your teammate in a combined effort to capture the opponents flag and return it for victory. Linehunter (3-4 players): – Hunt the line! When you kill another Deadliner you become “the line”, and you start gaining points. When your opponents destroys you, they become the line, and now it is your turn to hunt them down! This mode is filled with action, and might be the mode to figure out who is the one true Deadliner amongst your friends. Survival (1-4 player): – In Survival players help each other through waves of targets that spawn on the map. When all targets are destroyed, dead players respawn and a new wave arrives. Can you score enough points to beat the infamous highscore? This game mode makes Deadliners interesting through a combination of skills and verbal communication between the players. Skill training(single player): – Tired of losing? Want to beat your friends in the upcoming monthly Deadliners tournament? Hone your skills in this difficult game mode, which is designed to improve your overall game mechanics in all of the Deadliners game modes. The challenges are categorized to target specific skills like shooting or clearing space in the Deadliners arena. Invite your friends to have a great time playing Deadliners!

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