rocksmith advanced exercises vol 2

If you have ever wanted to become a master guitar strummer then grabbing a copy of Rocksmith and getting access to the fastest way to learn guitar is always a good start. And with the latest DLC additions, the most Advanced Exercises can now be taken in, preparing yourself for future stardom.

Available to purchase and add into Rocksmith right this very minute is the Advanced Exercises Vol 2 pack, following on from those which have gone before it to provide players with the opportunity to really hammer home the skills.

As the name suggests this is the second volume of Advanced Exercises to hit Rocksmith over the months – the first arriving back in July – providing a trickier test than the Easy and Intermediate offerings that have also arrived.

For £3.99 downloading the Advanced Exercises Vol 2 for Rocksmith on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 or PS4 will see you being able to nail five new exercises, delivered across both the standard guitar and bass options. These will see you attempting to nail hammer-ons/pull-offs, along with the pull offs/hammer-ons, a bit of string skipping and switching, and of course, the good old linear playing. 

With a copy of Rocksmith to hand all you need to do to gain access is to visit your favoured digital store, cough up the required cash, and get playing. For us Xbox One rockers it is obviously the Xbox Store which should be the next port of call, whilst those on the PlayStation side of things should visit the PlayStation Store.

If these exercises don’t do it for you and you prefer to involved yourself with some new tunes from some of the greatest bands the world over then chances are next week will see a return of the standard genre/band packs. In the meantime though, there is a whole ton of content available, provided by the Rocksmith gods on a weekly basis. Let us know in the comments what you decide to pick up.

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