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Taking in Resident Evil Re:Verse


The most recent Resident Evil games seem to be set on including a multiplayer mode addition. Resident Evil 3’s multiplayer addition generally received a lukewarm reception from fans and critics. I personally couldn’t stand it, and didn’t really last more than an hour playing it before it was ditched.

Resident Evil Re:Verse

Resident Evil Village is due to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4 and PC come May 7th 2021, and there will be a new competitive multiplayer element included – Re:Verse. Capcom released an open beta ahead of time, and so I jumped in to see if this add-on is likely to fare any better than their previous attempt.

Unlike with Resident Evil 3, Re:Verse is a classic free-for-all deathmatch-styled game mode where essentially the player who kills the most, wins. You select from a cast of classic Resident Evil characters, each of whom have special abilities and guns that are unique to them.

There was only one map available in the beta, the Raccoon City police station, and it is here where you spawn in a section of the map and start hunting. Much like older shooters, there are power weapons strewn across the map. However more importantly there are vials of virus scattered about as well.

This is where Re:Verse shows off its special feature – whenever you die you become a bioweapon creature. Depending on how many vials you pick up, it’ll change the strength of the monster. This is easily the most entertaining part of the mode, with a great collection of Resident Evil villains. You can become anything from Nemesis to Jack Baker.

Playing as the Bioweapons are massively fun; it’s the kind of fantasy that I’ve had since playing Resident Evil. There is a satisfying brutality to swallowing someone as Hunter Gamma or slicing someone as Super Tyrant. Maybe it’s just the fanboy in me but those moments really made me smile and I almost wish that you could just choose to permanently be one and get on with it.

In Re:Verse you will want to stack as many kills as you can before dying, because the points you receive stack after each one. If you get killed you could take down the player that got you, and keep the stack going. This often incentivises making a mad dash to the player that killed you as you spawn. It can be really hectic and quite fun, especially when half of those present are seen as Bioweapons at the same time. The map is small as well, so you’re never that far away from your killer.

The moment to moment gameplay is almost exactly like that of Resident Evil 2 except with special abilities that each human character has. Imagine RE2 but with only one set of weapons, and crazy powers. However it would be fair to say that it feels like an off-brand version. Not terrible but certainly not on the same level.

Resident Evil Re:Verse Xbox

The characters are what you would expect; everyone from Chris Redfield to Hunk. Each one of them has their own passive upgrade and two unique powers – for instance Claire can heal herself and throw a shock grenade to stun other players, whilst Hunk can go invisible for a time and stab other players with a hidden knife. 

Every character is sufficiently unique, and playing as each changes the strategy in a satisfying way. I wanted to try all of them before the beta closed. 

What’s disappointing is that the weapons for every character are not that engaging. In fact, many are very similar – one pistol, one automatic weapon, etc. It has always felt like everyone has had access to the same things. In fact it’s a shame that everyone controls exactly the same too; same running speed and similar dodge. Re:Verse would be awesome if certain characters could roll twice or others were slower options just with more health. More variety would see a serious benefit to the game. 

After taking in the beta, there is definitely some fun to be had with Re:Verse, though I can’t imagine the appeal will last too long. At least in the beta, there did not seem to be any meaningful progression or anything to work towards; everything unlocked from the get-go. It’s an old school approach but I can’t see it helping the longevity of this mode and I would have loved to see unlockable weapons, characters, and Bioweapons.

Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta

I would also be very interested to see what other Resident Evil locations are wormed into the map system. There are so many memorable sights that would work that at least the element of setting is one that could deliver some serious excitement.

As a free addition for Resident Evil Village, it seemed like Re:Verse could provide good fun for a decent number of hours, especially once more maps and characters are added. I’ve certainly enjoyed this more than the previous multiplayer Resident Evil attempt, although only time will tell how things eventually play out. I still wouldn’t expect too much from this offering. 

Resident Evil Re:Verse will come along as a free addition with all purchases of Resident Evil Village when that releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Stadia and PC on May 7th 2021. Before that time, you can pre-order the game – the Xbox Store would be our preference.

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