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Having recently dropped onto the PC front, Neverwinter expands once more on console, with the addition of the Dragonbone Vale expansion.

Arriving slightly earlier than previously planned (early? What madness is this!?), Neverwinter’s Dragonbone Vale content is today available on Xbox and PlayStation, as well as that of Arc, Epic and Steam on PC.

But what are we getting with this new push? Well, Dragonbone Vale is the latest module for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG and it marks the return of the game’s main antagonist, Valindra Shadowmantle, as she’s joined forces with the Cult of the Dragon in the Sword Mountains to bring undeath to dragons across Faerûn.

In addition to seeing some familiar foes coming back to Neverwinter, the module introduces plenty of new content for adventurers, including a new adventure zone that brings brand-new grappling hook traversal mechanics and a new faction reputation system to earn rewards, a new 10-player trial featuring Valindra, new heroic encounters, and more.

Further, adventurers can expect even more content to enjoy in Neverwinter, as an additional content update bringing a new Epic Adventure, Scaleblight Mythal, will be available for players to experience the ending of the Dragonbone Vale story, and it will offer a new region in the Sword Mountains to explore.

About Dragonbone Vale:

In Dragonbone Vale, the evil lich Valindra Shadowmantle has returned to threaten the Sword Coast alongside the Cult of the Dragon, who have come to possess an ancient artifact with the potential to amplify their foul rituals of undeath. Under the leadership of famed wizard Elminster Aumar, the brave Heroes of Neverwinter will need to work with the allied factions of Protector’s Enclave, to reclaim the Dragonbone Vale and put a stop to the Cult’s plans.

You can be sure there is a ton of content hitting home in Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale, with it introducing plenty of playable fun and exciting updates to explore:

  • Dragonbone Vale Adventure Zone & Campaign – In this new adventure zone, Heroes of Neverwinter set out from the encampment of the four allied factions and work their way through four distinct regions of the Sword Mountains: Whetstone Thicket, Quellwater Tarn, Wyrmbone Marrows, and Scaleblight Summit. The adventure zone includes the following unique features:
  • Grappling Hook Mechanics – For the first time ever in Neverwinter you can grapple around specific, designated spots of the Dragonbone Vale adventure zone with a grappling hook, allowing vertical exploration and new ways to travel the zone. These mechanics won’t be available in other zones outside of Dragonbone Vale at this time.
  • Faction Reputation System: By completing faction-specific quests, such as heroic encounters, defending supply lines, gathering dragonsight treasures and more, players can build reputation with each of the four factions,which they can use to unlock various rewards and features, including faction cosmetics, companion gear, and more.
  • The Crown of Keldegonn Trial – A new 10-player trial where heroes confront Valindra and the dracolich Palhavorithyn atop the dwarven ruins of Keldegonn. Players can begin to unlock the trial on January 18.
  • Scaleblight Mythal (Epic Adventure) – The story’s culmination in Sword Mountain’s Scaleblight Summit region. Members of the Shield of the North Alliance assault the location of the great ritual and fight to stop Valindra and the Cult of the Dragon from invoking Rite of the Dracolich to bring undeath to all dragons.
  • Enchantment and Refinement Overhaul – This update brings quality of life improvements to the refinement system and all-new enchantments.

If you haven’t yet played Neverwinter then it is a free-to-play action MMORPG featuring fast-paced combat and epic dungeons. Players explore the vast city of Neverwinter and its surrounding lands, learning the vivid history of the iconic city in the Forgotten Realms and battling its many enemies. Neverwinter is available on PC, but also free to play digitally on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (the Xbox Store link is here) and PlayStation 4.

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10 months ago

Awful. They outed an update early for neverwinter which made the game unplayable. Locked every console users out of their game. I’ve been putting much money in the game and I can’t even claim my daily. I am never putting money in a game where developers can’t test a game update before they put it. Unacceptable.