If it’s psychological thrill that you are after, then Asemblance delivers it, with the follow up game ‘Oversight’ bringing even more mystery. Now though there is a bundle that brings the two games together – all for one lovely little price.

The Asemblance Collection comes in with a £10.39 price tag attached, and that represents terrific value for money. See, this bundle brings together both the original Asemblance, and that of Asemblance: Oversight to ensure that gamers get access to the strange goings on found with a memory simulating machine. It is up to you to break out of this machine, furthering the tale and unlocking memories in the process.

Both games are well worth a play, and if you haven’t yet get yourself involved with what Asemblance or Oversight bring then you should be rectifying that immediately. With this bundle allowing for a good few quid being saved over purchasing both games individually, this is now the way to go if you think of yourself as a bit of a thrill seeker.

The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download of the Asemblance Collection, whilst our full reviews of both Asemblance and Asemblance: Oversight should be enough to give you the information which you seek. Check them out.

Bundle Description:

You wake to find yourself trapped inside an experimental machine. A machine built to simulate memories. You have no idea how you got here… But to break the cycle, you must look into a past that you may not want to remember. This collection includes both the first episode of “Asemblance” and its follow-up “Asemblance: Oversight”. The Asemblance series offers first-person exploration and puzzle-based gameplay, which puts you at the center of the story’s mystery. Through the use of an AI-guided memory machine you are able to visit simulations of recorded memories. The more you explore the memories, the deeper stories they tell … venture deep enough and unlock the buried puzzles and you just may learn the truth.

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